12 O’Clock High with Video highlights!

12 O’Clock High with Video highlights!

Held annually at the beautiful Paradise Field in Lackland, FL., the 12 O’clock High giant scale meet never fails to draw many world class scale RC warbirds, jets and civilian classics many of which compete at the highest level. Recently, we sent veteran MAN contributor Rich Uravitch to cover all the hot aerial action and will feature his detailed event report in our upcoming February 2016 issue. Here’s just some of what he saw, as well as the Event’s Official Video courtesy of Chris Seiler.


 A friendly note from Rich

As a side note to the coverage that will appear in print in the February 2016 issue of MAN, let me offer a suggestion to the modelers who participate and make these events so successful. Accurate coverage is of great importance to me and is appreciated by those who can’t get to these events and depend on printed magazine and web coverage for information. When you as a registered pilot, are asked to complete a registration form which includes details of your model to be used by others like announcers and reporters like me, it’s for a good reason. We like to bring attention to your model and perhaps include it in media coverage. We realize how hard you worked to get it to where it is. Others might like to share in that information and, hopefully, gain something by seeing what you’ve done. If filling out the form seems to be bothersome or you don’t want to spend the time, (although I can’t understand why), just add a simple note to your entry form “I’d prefer that no photographs be taken of my model”. We’ll respect your wishes and move on to another model, one of which the owner is hopeful to see in the media. Sometimes the only source of detailed information available to us is that which YOU provide. One other point, save the humor for the tents, banquets or “hangar talk” time. Including information on your entry sheets like your model is built from “unobtanium” and powered by a “rubber band” doesn’t help any. Thanks.


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12 O’Clock High   2015   Special Awards

AWARD                    SPONSOR                               WINNER         

Best WW1                   FLY RC MAGAZINE                  TODD BIXBY   DH-2

Best Golden Age        ELITE AEROSPORTS               DAVID DEWITT      WACO



Best Military        HORIZON HOBBY                          MARK ARMBRUST   C-47

Best Civilian          AUTHENTIC SCALE                       DAVE COLLIS    WACO

Best Craftsmanship       ZAP GLUE                              SEAN CURRY   TEMPEST

Best Jet                    FLORIDA JETS                             BOB FIORENZE   F-14

Best Biplane            EZ BALANCER                              DOUG PIERCE    NIEUPORT


Special Recognition      SPEKTRUM RADIO                     TOM WHITE  V-173 PANCAKE

Special Recognition      FTE                                               GREG ARNETTE   YAK-130

Critic’s Choice Runner-up    ZAP GLUE                          SKIP MAST  C-130



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  1. The addition of the ‘Special Effects of flashing lights and machine gun fire might give the public the WRONG ideas that we modelers are mounting weapons on our planes. It’d be a good idea to remind the uninformed that we DO NOT put any kind of weapon on a model airplane, EVER.

    1. I had wrote in the description on my YouTube channel which is where this is linked, info stating that there were added special effect gun fire and sound sweetening? I’ll take that as a complement…as you think that my effects are good enough to fool folks….

  2. Great event! Fantastic pictures!

  3. that video was awful to watch. it did not stay on any subject long enough to appreciate the model. So frustrating.! Seems like the editor got carried away on his computer editing

    1. I agree with Spaceman. The photography was great, but the editing was awful. It jumped from plane to plane so quickly I hardly had time to even try to guess which plane I was watching. Slow down and spend some time showing each one.

  4. WHAT…..! This is a great teaser showing some of everything.
    I am sure that there will be a video out giving each unit its do.
    . Thanks

  5. I believe the article may have a TYPO as this event usually is held at LAKELAND and not LACKLAND. There “is” nothing LACKING at LAKELAND! LOL!

  6. Great Video, Truly Enjoyed Watching, Thank You!

  7. My viewing of the video lasted about 15 seconds before the obnoxious sound track and jerky editing had me hitting the delete button.

  8. Incredible models…a pleasure to watch the building skill and subsequent flying skill at work! It takes a special blend of confidence and nerve to risk thousands of dollars and hundreds of “build” hours to demonstrate what to me is still a miracle–we can fly!

  9. Great coverage, wished I was there.

  10. WHY,WHY, WHY do we have to hear that ridiculous so called music? The big airshows do the same crap, Most of us want to hear airplane sounds, if we wanted music we could turn on a radio. I think a bunch of us need to get a ban on music at airshows of all sizes.

  11. You need to shut off the background noise you call music. We as modelers want to hear exhaust and prop music.

  12. You guys are aweful picky considering the effort put forth for this. Great video guys. Rather watch action in the good old USA than the Europeans every month just because the planes are big. Nice video. The special affects are cool and I’m guessing any idiot not bright enough to know what they are seeing is just that….an idiot.

  13. Fun stuff!! Looks like there were some awesome planes there! It really is nice to see some coverage of big beautiful models in the great U.S. of A. Oh, and that field looks amazing!
    If I had to knit pick, I would say it was just a bit quick on the changing from scene to scene, however it gets to the point nicely. You fit a lot of planes in there in a short amount of time. I like to see the pilots introduce themselves and their planes.
    Great coverage guys.

  14. The meet was in LAKELAND, FL, Not Lackland!

  15. I agree that the video was awful. Chris, your music selection needs to be upgraded.

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