13 Foot Span RC Spruce Goose

13 Foot Span RC Spruce Goose

Built and flown by Jürgen Schönle, this eight-motor model has over a 13-foot wingspan yet weighs just under 11 pounds, thanks to its foam and carbon-fiber construction. The 1/22-scale aircraft is powered by a single 3S, 4000mAh LiPo! Jurgen spent only a month building this model. Howard Hughes would be proud! Thanks to RC Media World for taking this video at the seaplane event in Edersee, Germany earlier this month.


  1. Wow, Imperssive

  2. Impresionante , avión y piloto

  3. Impressive flying!!…..would love to know what motors he is using…..
    I’d build one!

  4. Excellent video. Looking forward to seeing another stunning airplane built and flown by this young man.

  5. Impressive plane, well flown. Great videography too. Clouds in the sky make for a wonderful back-drop. Gotta love the “wild blue yonder”!

  6. where can i get plans for that H4

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