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13 Foot Span RC Spruce Goose

13 Foot Span RC Spruce Goose

Built and flown by Jürgen Schönle, this eight-motor model has over a 13-foot wingspan yet weighs just under 11 pounds, thanks to its foam and carbon-fiber construction. The 1/22-scale aircraft is powered by a single 3S, 4000mAh LiPo! Jurgen spent only a month building this model. Howard Hughes would be proud! Thanks to RC Media World for taking this video at the seaplane event in Edersee, Germany earlier this month.

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  1. Nice flying machine, if the real one flew like that, it would have been awesome. It just jumps off the water

  2. Can’t be the Spruce Goose. It flew longer and higher than the original.

  3. Absolutely awesome job. The realism through-out the flight, (well except for the vertical part), the light wing loading, and the scale looking speed, all make this a total success in my book. Very Smoothly flown as well….

  4. Beautiful scale model of one of my alltime favorite airplanes. I am sure HH is smiling during every flight!!

  5. Pretty amazing aircraft and it flys beautifully on just one 4000mah battery. Wow!!

  6. If you where to measure the distance/height this Spruce Goose(in scale) flew. It out flew the full scale Spruce Goose and pilot

  7. A month to build he needs to get some sleep!
    Well done it would take me that long to put the props on, looks good and flys well

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