1/3-scale Miles Messenger

1/3-scale Miles Messenger

Scratch-built by Phil Clark, this 1/3.5-scale model of the British liaison aircraft is powered by a Zenoah 62cc gas engine. The 124-inch-span plane weighs 36 pounds and sports Royal Air Force colors. The original plane was outfitted with retractable auxiliary wing flaps and triple fins and rudders to maintain controllability down to an exceptionally low stall speed of just 25mph. Thanks to the father and son team of Pete and Dean Coxon (Tbobborap1), our friends across the pond, for this terrific video.


  1. Love seeing the lesser known planes being built and flown . I for one always go to something different to keep my flying buddies scratching their heads and questioning me as to why I keep going for different rather than the known . Several years ago I purchased the Top Flight Gold Edition AT-6 Texan and installed a Magnum .91 4 stroke , mainly because I always liked the model , said nothing until the day I took it to the field for the initial flight . Yup , you guessed it I was immediately questioned as to why ? You can always see the run of the mill war birds at the field , P-51 etc. , but not others that played an important part of WW11.

    1. Me, too. I just like to see different types of planes. I love seeing planes you normally. I don’t see too many from WWI, either. Nor the jets and the airliners.

  2. Didn’t Churchill utilize one of these as a personal taxi-cab?

    1. Montgomery not Churchill…….the Messenger is finished in his colours.

  3. Lovely Replica!!!!

  4. A beautiful model, great video.

  5. What a distinctive, well-executed model! The pilot sure did an excellent job of wrestling that plane to the ground in all that wind. Given the level of construction and detailing effort I think I would have sat that flight out facing 19 knots of air.

  6. Where can I get plans for this plane? Actually looking for 100″


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