1/3-scale Stormbird Flies Again

1/3-scale Stormbird Flies Again

Ali Machinchy recently took his Me 262 jet out of storage to fly at  the RAF Jets event at Abingdon field in the U.K., and we’re glad he did! Ali tells us, “The wing joiner is actually a steel section. The design and build of the model was done by a very experienced  engineer with decades of experience in very large model designs. The fact that this model is over 8 years old and has had many hundred of flights is testimony to the design …  Although I do still look in amazement how such a small looking joiner carries the loads!” Our friends and YouTube posters Dean and Pete Coxon took this great video, which includes footage from two GoPros that were onboard the 1/3-scale jet.

Updated: July 27, 2015 — 4:54 PM


  1. does anyone know the weight of this aircraft?

  2. Debra, please do an article about YOU! It’s so rare to find a lady in RC, and even rarer to find one in a position of major influence. Do you fly RC? How did you get to be editor of MAN?

  3. Stunning! Would like a view from the cockpit.

  4. Brilliant, what a model build and a great flying display.. I wish I could build something like that

    1. Oh boy, some of those shots could have been of the real thing! Hope my Air World Cougar looks as realistic when I put it in the air soon.

  5. Why is the swastika on the starboard side of the vertical stabilizer obscured but not on the port side?

  6. only Way to enjoy rc is to build and then fly and fly and fly Great looking and flying scale bird.

  7. Just about as good as it gets! How many light years from my Comet models stick and tissue boyhood! But it’s all good!

  8. Why you Brits have obsession with Nazi machines is beyond me!
    Give me a Spitfire! A real Dehavilland! I resent that God awful insignia on the tail!
    The builder should instead put British insignia!
    To show it was taken by Brits from Hitler!
    Show some character and some Balls!

  9. I only recently discovered Giant Scale RC videos on the internet and can’t get enough of it. It appears some builders of German WW2 aircraft just feel they have to display the swasttika in order to complete the true feeling of the original aircraft. They don’t seem to realize what that marking has for viewers of these aircraft.

  10. Superb. Great masterpiece of work.

  11. exceptional talent to build and fly such a beautiful model ,HUGE input of time, materials and hardware, well done.

  12. Terrific looking aircraft , I agree I , would prefer that these AXIS aircraft would wear the captured / tested scheme’s that the ALLIES covered them in after RECEIVING THEM !!!! Isn’t the SWASTICA a type of good luck symbol used previously elsewhere in the world ????? (FORTUNATLY GOOD LUCK TO GOOD USER’S ONLY !) And wasn’t GERMAMY’s lead in a lot of aerospace fields brought about by several sanctions put on them after WW1 in the TREATY OF VERSAILLE (please excuse my French vocab)- jet engines not piston engines , flying wings (gliders) never ever even thought of really ! I even saw a projected HORTON flying wing having the ability to BOMB the U.S.A. . If that stealth technology had of enabled them to knock out the RADAR Instillations on ENGLAND’s Coast were o were would we be NOW


  14. Anyone know what the inches to the foot 4 the 1/3 scale is?

  15. You cannot believe at times that this is a “model”. Then of course you have to appreciate all the electrics and how they are incorperated into the system plus the cameras. A really great model.

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