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18-Foot Junkers Ju 188 Bomber

18-Foot Junkers Ju 188 Bomber

Finally, after seven years of building and planning this awesome giant scale WW2 German bomber took flight on October 6, 2018! Actually, one of three RC models being built at the same modeler’s club, this 1/4-scale Junkers Ju 188 was built and is owned by Franz Obenauf.

The Ju 188 has an 18 foot span, weighs 187 pounds and is powered by two Moki 250cc 5-cylinder radial gas engines. The paint job and weathering has been expertly done by Klaus Herold.

Video courtesy of RC Scale Airplanes


Fuselage Length: 12½ ft.

Height at canopy: 40.1 in.

Landing Gear with Tires: 13.7 lbs.

Retract System: Festo air cylinders 35mm diameter (1.8 in.

Wheel Diameter 11.4 in.

Propellers 30.7 in., 3-blade Ramoser


Updated: October 17, 2018 — 12:45 PM
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  1. Wow! Beautiful plane! It did not look like a happy flight. Looks very much like a handful in the air.
    Great job!

  2. WOW! What an awesome plane! Seven years, and how many Euros went into this project? Only to fly it around in big circles. Seems like a lot of work, time, crew, and auxilliary equipment required to get this in the air. More of the “same old, same old” from the German modelers. Not really for 99.999% of the people in our hobby. And the dramatics of the woman crying after the flight were amazing!

  3. Fantastic job guys.

  4. I agree with Richard. While an impressive build, pilot was horrible with the take-off and landing. This site seems to love these big aircraft and not the more “main stream” model types that most of us fly.

  5. Well done!BZ to all on the team. Outstanding work!

  6. Workmanship was spectacular and it is an incredible build. Looks like a somewhat obscure design that did. It fly that well.
    While the piloting was not great on take off and landing, we do not know the trim condition as this was the maiden flight.
    Pretty stupid comments from guys who have obviously never built or flown a project like this,
    A huge some of money flying around and guess what, the full scale flew around in circles and dropped bombs, what did you expect, 3-D and hovering???

  7. Great workmanship and impressive model!
    Surprised by the negative comments, what is it supposed to do other than tomfly around in circles?
    Should it be Doing point rolls or something? I think it was flown similar to the full scale model.
    While the take off and landing were not the best, we have no idea of the trim condition as this wast the maiden flight!
    Seems a little errogant to criticize when you were not on the sticks! It may have been grossly
    out of trim and one of you guys would have splattered it all over the runway!!

  8. That’s not a “model”!……a small child could fit in it!
    Beautiful work, but, I agree about the take off and landing. We must consider it is a new craft and a first flight….he will get better or face a ground loop!

  9. Paul- Exactly correct. Seemed to be big trim issues on the maiden. It will get sorted out. In the meantime, am not at all surprised with the negative commentary. Modeling is the focus of the magazine and this hobby. Flying is the reward for modeling. Unique modeling projects are fascinating and those who lack the ability to appreciate that fact are the loudest scoffers with the least manners. They fly the most over-represented airframes with the least wow factor and ignorantly deride those who possess initiative and creativity.

  10. Flying way too fast, constant jerky aileron correction and leveling the rolls like a 109.

    Maybe use the rudder next time on T/O and land at something less than full throttle.

    Great model, horrible pilot

    1. Very impressive, BUT, he very nearly ended in disaster! look how close the wingtip came to cartwheeling the plane.
      if the bounce was only a bit higher, the tip stall, which is what it was, would have dug wingtip into the dirt and wrecked the plane.
      he must practice his landings. Should have put in a burst of power on the bounce.

  11. Fantastic you guys deserve a medal those that criticized probably can’t fly it is easy to pick faults

  12. I think all criticism of the pilot stems from a concern for the aircraft. This level of flying skill, or lack of it, should not be evident on such a costly and gorgeous airplane!
    He really must get someone else to fly it again if they want it to survive.
    I understand he would be nervous etc, but the basic flying, even given he must have been trimming and all the stress of a maiden…was of a low standard.
    He really did come VERY close to toasting it on that second, or third? bounce.

  13. Appeared in my opinion to be a tad tail heavy, but then again I wasn’t on the sticks.

  14. Absolutely Superb!!!

  15. What amazes me most is that he had the balls to fly it at all.

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