19-Foot Ukrainian Antonov

19-Foot Ukrainian Antonov

The Ukrainian Aircraft Corporation, formally known as the The Antonov State Enterprise, is a designer and manufacturer of the world’s largest aircraft. The full-size AN-225 cargo plane has a wingspan of 290 feet, 32 wheels, and six engines. Massive! This giant-scale RC model scratch-built by Michael Speier proudly flies the Ukrainian flag colors. It’s also massive with a wingspan of 19 feet and weighing in at 206 pounds.

Updated: May 4, 2022 — 8:05 PM


  1. Real dumb to fly that plane on a rough field. That’s what you get

  2. Gorgeous and flabbergasting experience!!!

  3. Loved the video. What a magnificent plane in flight although the terrain looked a little rough especially with the engines so low on the nacelles.

  4. Field too short also.

  5. Absolutely Magnificent and jusssssst awesome, My students just were awed and thrilled ,. Great going

  6. Pucker power takeoff! But flies nice. Too bad about the crap field. It’ll fly again.

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