How big is too big – 200+ pound RC jet …

How big is too big – 200+ pound RC jet …

This 214-pound (that’s right: two hundred fourteen pound) A380-900 Airbus built and flown by Reinhard Oetken is powered by four turbine engines and has a gigantic 19-foot wingspan. It’s a gorgeous model, and watching this monster plane take off and fly will take your breath away. Assuming the RC model adheres to all of the safety guidelines of whatever country/airport where it is flown, what do you think about planes that are this big? Super cool or super scary?


Updated: March 2, 2012 — 3:50 PM


  1. Hey im in need of a engine capable of pushing 200lbs across snow. Like a sled. It wont be getting airborn. Email me with anything you can think of at

  2. At the same time we started the quasi-AMA “approved” (they came to the first race drunk and stayed that way wall week.) Unlimited R/C racing in 1991, I was already equipping 200+ pound Sundstrand TurboJet powered R/C aircraft with my RCD/Hitec Servos and my own design auto-stabilizers. Then as now, the size/weight/danger decisions were commonsense.

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