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2008 Toledo Show Winners


Just got the list from the judges here at the show and they said not to tell anyone! So of course I am posting it online

2008 Toledo Show Winners list: Top Three

Best of Show Brad Newland, U.S.S. Missouri Battleship

Aerobatic Planes 1. Jim Repp, Extra 300 2. Jason Miracle, Extra 260 3. Michael Green, Ultimate Bipe

Best Finish 1. Terry Nitsch, Electra Jet 2. Jack Kipfer, Long deck launch 3. Graeme Mears, F-16

Competition Boat 1. Greg Hahn, ’79 Miss Budweiser 2. Bryant Thomptson, Weatherly 3. Taylow Shaw, Micro Whiplash

Designer Scale Plane 1. George Maiorana, Russian Tu-95MS Bear Bomber 2. Dave Platt, A6M3 Zero 3. Roy Vaillancourt, FW-190

Helicopter 1. Kerry Muncy, Ah-64 Apache Attack Helicopter 2. Paul GIles, Huey UH-1D 3. Jeff Hohsinger, Vibe 50

Jet Plane 1. Graeme Mears, F-16 2. Terry Nitsch, Electra Jet 3. Gerry Kerr Jr., F-86F-40 N.A.

Micro RC Plane 1. Joe Malinchak, Piper L-4 2. Robert Romarsh, Aeronka K 3. Cindy Malinchak, Nessmith Cougar

Military Boat 1. Brad Newland, U.S.S. Missouri Battleship 2. Patrick Matthews, Yamato Battleship 3. Bryant Thompson, Type-21 U2540 German WW2 Submarine

Military Sport Scale Plane 1. Dave Asman, F6F-3 Hellcat 2. Greg Hahn, Beech C-45H 3. Del Johnson, Fokker Dr.1

Best Monokote 1. Faye Stilley, Swoose, 2. Jeff Oaks, Contender, 3. jason Miracles, Extra 260

Non-Military Sport Scale Plane 1. John Mainwaring, Douglas DC-3, 2. Roy maynard, Mooney M20L, 3. Keith Shaw, Crosby CR-4 racer

Old-Timer RC Plane 1. Stuart Warner, Hoiman, 2. Lawrence Lattowski, ’38 Lancer, 3. Andrew Haggery, Interceptor

Pleasure Boat 1. Jack Kipfer, Long Deck Launch, 2. Richard Koll, Classy Lady, 3. John Bergez, Chris Craft

RC Car 1. Dan Wyatt, Truck, 2. Sarah Boes, Tamiya TB02, 3. Doug Schultz, Rock Crawler

RC Sailplane 1. Tom Scully, Olympic III, 2. Lawrence Latowski, Lanzo Floater, 3. Troy Lawicki, Big Duck

Sport Biplane 1. Ken Cigler, Super Aeromaster, 2. Andrew Latowski, Sopwith Camel, 3. James Karpy, Micro SSX

Sport Monoplane 1. Faye Stilley, Swoose, 2. Jeff Oaks, Contender, 3. Scott Christensen, Trixler Beam

Working Boat Unarmed Boat 1. Patrick Matthews, Dearborn Tug, 2. Karl Kuttruff, Cascade Tug, 3. John L. Fryant, ESSO Tug

Updated: April 15, 2011 — 5:23 PM
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