2010 U.S. Scale Masters Championships

2010 U.S. Scale Masters Championships


The 31st Annual U.S. Scale Masters Championships

September 15th through September 19, 2010 Rosewood, Indiana

By Earl Aune 

The Masters!

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | 2010 U.S. Scale Masters Championships

(Above) A tradition of the Masters is the noon walk around. The crowd is allowed to view the models up close and ask the contestants all about their aircraft. Here we see Bob Patton’s Scottish AV Bulldog in the foreground.

The 31st annual U.S. Scale Masters Championships was flown for the first time in Rosewood Indiana just across the river from Louisville Kentucky. What a great time meeting up with old friends and meeting new modelers with the same passion for scale as the old friends! We were blessed by calm winds and sunny skies for the majority of the flying rounds with a little moisture to keep the dust down during the static judging at the start of the contest on Thursday. This year 36 qualified contestants competed and came from all over the United States and from as far away as Brazil, Canada, England and Australia officially making it an international event.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | 2010 U.S. Scale Masters Championships

(Above) Eduardo Esteves and the lovely Anna Paula Esteves from Brazil fuel their 118-inch, ZDZ-60cc powered PT-19. Pilot figure is a miniature Frank Tiano! Photos by Earl Aune

The U.S. Scale Masters was founded by 5 avid RC’rs from southern California that put together a regional qualifier concept that remains today. This was designed to highlight the scale aspect of radio control modeling during an era when pattern flying seemed to be dominating the contest scene. The “Masters” goal is to attract new people interested in building and flying scale RC aircraft by providing a forum to showcase building and flying skills. The “Masters” is also unique in that it is the only contest remaining that rotates East coast then West coast each year. This gives everyone the chance to fly in the Masters provided they qualify at one of 23 regional qualifiers across the US and Canada. Keeping the founders dream alive remains successful under the leadership of Carolyn Van Herk and the board of directors. Check out the website at: scalemasters.org and find out where the closest qualifier is to you and give it a try! You can even download the latest U.S. Scale Masters Competition Guidebook for learning how you can be successful competing in the scale circuit.

This years Masters was hosted by the Ohio River View RC Flyers with Mike Caldwell and Michael Hunt (president) leading the team. http://orvrcf.com/. Earl Devers Sr. provided many hours of his own time to ensure everything was in place and ready to go. The event was mentioned in several newspapers plus Contest Director Dale Arvin and Vanguard Leader Michael Hunt were featured on WHAS Channel 11 morning edition to help bring in hundreds of spectators seen throughout the weekend. Dale was very pleased with the outstanding help and support from the many volunteers who met every month for over a year in preparation to make this one of the smoothest run Masters on the books.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | 2010 U.S. Scale Masters Championships

 (Above) A WWI Albatross heads out on a dawn patrol Saturday morning. Photo by Gus Dattilo

(Gus, a local modeler showed up with his professional camera and provided over 750 excellent photos over the 4 days of the event. They can be seen by going to the Masters webpage and clicking on the link). Our sponsors this year really pulled through even though these are uncertain times about our country’s financial stability. There were a total of 33 sponsors made up of companies, individuals and RC clubs that provided funds and prizes for the event with 11 from the local area. It was great to see so many modelers from local clubs pitching in to provide support.

We are especially grateful to our faithful sponsors Hobby People/Airtronics and Bob Smith Industries who year after year provide the funds and prizes that help keep the dream alive. Let’s remember them when we need our next radio or glue to keep the projects moving off the work bench and into the skies above.

2010 Scale Masters Sponsors

Bill Beach, Beach Mold & Tool, Inc – Flying Site, Banquet sponsor, cash donation support

Hobby People/Airtronics – prizes, cash donations, and contest support

Bob Smith Industries

Mike Barbee Concrete

Pacer Technologies/ZAP – Hospitality Room

Hansen Scale Aviation Videos

S&A Tooling


Sponsors of “Best Of” Awards:

River City RC – Best Biplane

River City RC – Best Built-up

Proctor Enterprises – Best WWI

G & G Norton – Best Scratch built

Earl & Josie of Jensen Designs. –

Engineering Achievement

TEAM – Best Golden Age


Curtis Kitteringham – Multi-engine


 1/8th Air Force – Best Radial eng  

 1/8th Air Force – Best WW II

 WSRG – Best Mission – Adv

Kent Walters – Hi Flite – Expert

Hemet Model Masters – Hi Flite – Adv

CSMA – Hi Flite – Open

1/8th Air Force – Realistic Flite – Adv

BWM/THRCC – Best Mission – Open


Scale Repro Hobby – Best Military

Vogelsang Aeroscale – Best Jet

Century Jet Models – Best Gear

Nelson Hobby Direct – Best Civilian

Chuck & Ann Adams – Best Docs

Westerville MAA – Best Markings

Du-Bro – Realistic Flite – Open

Hobby World – Hi Flite – Team

Carolina Container

Genesis Plastics Solutions

John Martin

Special note and thanks go to Bill Beach, avid RC modeler and president of Beach Mold & Tool who provided funds and the incredible flying site. He purchased 120 acres along the Ohio River and developed the property to become a world class RC flying site. 800 feet of seamless paved asphalt runway 8” thick and 50 feet wide sits alongside a golf green smooth grass runway with 150 feet of over run on each side. Built in sprinkler systems keep it watered and the paved parking and spectator area included stadium seating providing full viewing of the action for the hundreds of spectators that attended each day. Paved taxi ways and buried power and speaker cables keep the wires out of trip hazard way. He could be seen running the lawnmower up and down the runway prior to the event. He installed a PA system and buried the wires for the event. Bill totally enjoyed himself meeting all of the modelers and seeing their incredible scale aircraft.


 Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | 2010 U.S. Scale Masters Championships

(Above) Bill Beach with the half time demonstration jet. Photos by Gus Dattilo

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | 2010 U.S. Scale Masters Championships

(Above) Bill had the entryway landscaped and a sign for this event made up… 1st class all the way!

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | 2010 U.S. Scale Masters Championships

(Above) Nice approach on Lee Rice’s Ziroli F4U Corsair powered by the Fuji BT-86 twin. Photo by Gus Dattilo

The contest starts on Thursday morning with static judging held under a large pavilion at the field. This is where you present your model to the judges who compare your model to the documentation that you provide. For example if the 3-view drawing shows a pitot tube the model should have a pitot tube in the same place and shape as on the drawing. One judge will compare the outline of the aircraft, one will compare the color, one will compare markings and one judge will walk around not closer than 3 feet to inspect your craftsmanship. This judge has a tough job as they look for anything that suggests “Model” such as exposed control horns or control rods.

Static Scores were very close and shows the judges had a workout trying to find any mismatch from the documentation presented by the contestant to the actual model being reviewed.

High Static Scores

 Pilot/Builder Class Aircraft Total Static

 Bob Patton Expert Scottish Av. Bulldog 99.25

 Lee Rice/Ed Newman Team Scale Fleseler Fi 156U “Storch” 99

 David Johnson Expert  Albatros D.Va  98.75

 Al Kretz Expert Dauntless 98.5

Sepp Uberlacker Expert Spitfire MK XVI 98.5


After static the contestants usually gather at the headquarters hotel for some fun and laughs in the hospitality suite. This year this was provided by our host hotel Holiday Inn Express and Pacer Industries for the refreshments (thank you Herschel Worthy!). The flying was noticeably “professional” as commented by many of the flight judges this year. With optimum flying conditions the models seemed to float on by as if on rails. The downside of this condition is any visible wing waggle or pitch change is most likely the result of shaky hands from a nervous pilot so the precision component of the score can be affected.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | 2010 U.S. Scale Masters Championships

(Above) )One of the most interesting sounding aircraft to attend this year’s Scale Masters was Dave Wigley’s Westland Wyvem S4. The front prop freewheeled in the opposite direction causing turbulence with the rear prop and the sound it made was very distinct. Dave said this was an unintended design surprise!


There were 4 classes flown.


1st Place: Earl Dever Jr. from New Albany, IN flying a Clipped Wing Cub

2nd Place: Robert Geisser Sr. from Lawrenceburg, KY flying a Cap 232



1st Place Bernie Boland from Phoenix, AZ Albatros DV

2nd Place Eduardo Esteves from Brazil flying a Fairchild PT-19



1st Place: Builder Dave Semerao/Pilot Dennis Crooks flying an Albatros DVa

2nd Place: Builder David Johnson and Pilot Bernie Boland flying a Fokker D VII


1st Place and Grand Champion

David Johnson, Champaign, IL flying an Albatros DVa

2nd Place John Boyko from Franklin, OH with a Pitts Special


Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | 2010 U.S. Scale Masters Championships

John Boyko’s Pitts coming in for a nice landing. John is an inspiration for all of us Photos by Gus Dattilo


Our Winner!

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | 2010 U.S. Scale Masters Championships

(Above) Award resented by Carolyn VanHerk USSMA National Chairman 1st Place Expert and Grand Champion David Johnson. Well deserved and hard earned Grand Champion David Johnson flying his Albatross DVa.

Congratulations Dave from all of us! You are a true sportsman indeed! This year’s flying was enhanced by thick calm air creating almost dream conditions the slow flying WWI aircraft. The fly-bys were rock solid and the aircraft seem to float on by without any wing wiggle or bobble. If this doesn’t inspire you nothing will!

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | 2010 U.S. Scale Masters Championships

(Above) Billy Thompson’s Fokker DVII looks ominous coming in for a strafing pass. Billy took 4th place in Expert with a respectable 193.33 overall score. It was great to watch him fly this big aircraft.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | 2010 U.S. Scale Masters Championships

Above) It takes a lot of concentration when flying in front of the judges. Here we see team pilot and past Masters winner Dennis Crooks flying Dave Semerao’s Albatross D.Va. This is the first time Dennis has flown WWI in the Masters and with his win, completes his wins with each vintage; WWI, WWII, Civilian and Jet class.


High Flight Scores

Pilot Class Aircraft Total Flight

Bernie Boland Team Scale Fokker D VII 98.75

Mike Barbee Expert Raytheon Beachcraft T-34-C 98.25

Bernie Boland Team Scale
Fokker D VII 98.25

John Boyko Expert Pitts Special 98.25

Billy Thompson Expert 1917 Fokker DVII 98.00

Bernie Boland Advanced Albatros DV 98.00

David Johnson Expert Albatros Dva 97.75

David Wigley Expert Westland Wyvern 97.75

Bob Patton Expert Scottish Av. Bulldog 97.50

Chris White Expert Corby Starlet 97.25

An awards banquet was held on Saturday night to recognize those individuals for their outstanding building and flying skills and one very special award; the Harris Lee Lifetime Achievement award.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | 2010 U.S. Scale Masters Championships

(Above) Bill DeVerna (on left) receives the very special Harris Lee Award from Chief Financial Officer Gary Norton (right) Photo by Mitch Baker (USSMA Admin Director)

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | 2010 U.S. Scale Masters Championships

(Above) One of the two cakes we had for dessert after the excellent meal Saturday night at the Knights of Columbus Hall in New Albany Indiana.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | 2010 U.S. Scale Masters Championships

(Above) It was great to see Roy Vaillancourt once again, it’s been years since we have seen him at the Masters but he still is one of the best. Check out his Hawker Typhoon down and dirty on a slow fly by.


There was so much more to report on that exceeds the allotted size of this article. Check out the additional photos and information on the U.S. Scale Masters website at: http://www.usscalemasters.org/forums/

I hope you can make it next year to experience this wonderful event for yourself and your family.

Find your nearest Masters Regional Qualifier and get qualified so we can see you on the flight line!

Cheers, Earl


2010 U.S. Scale Masters Championships Special Awards

Award Sponsored By Aircraft Recipient Pilot / Builder

Best Multi Engine Curtis Kitteringham B-25 Jeremy Arvin

Best Golden Age TEAM. Stinson SR-9 Curtis Kitteringham

Best Civilian Nelson Hobby Direct Corby Starlet Chris White

Best Military Scale Reprod. Hobby Shop Storch Ed Newman

Best Jet Vogelsang Aeroscale F-100 Supersadre Robert Bush

Best Markings Assn 1917 Fokker DVII Billy Thompson

Best Documentation Chuck & Ann Adams Scottish Av. Bulldog Bob Patton

Best WWI Proctor Enterprises Albatros DVA
Dick Hansen

Best WWII 1/8 Air Force Dauntless Al Kretz

Best Built Up Kit River City RCers “Top Cub” Larry Folk

Best Scratch Aircraft Gary and Gloria Norton Westland Wyvern David Wigley

Eng’ing Achievement Jensen Designs, Inc. Westland Wyvern David Wigley

Best Biplane River City RCers Bucker Jungmann Dorin Luck

Pilots Choice Griffin & Co. Westland Wyvern David Wigley

High Flight Open Clipped Wing Cub Earl Dever, Jr

High Flight Expert Kent Walters Beachcraft T-34-C Mike Barbee

Realistic Flight Team Airtronics Berni Boland-Dave Johnson

Realistic Flight Expert Airtronics Westland Wyvern David Wigley

Mission Award Team Airtronics Fokker D VIII Berni Boland-Dave Johnson

Mission Award Expert Airtronics Pitts Special John Boyko


Harris Lee Lifetime Achievement USSMA Team Bill DeVerna  


Contest Awards and Recognition

Award Sponsored By Aircraft Recipient Pilot / Builder

Most Realistic Flight Advanced Western Scale Rally Group Fairchild PT-19 Eduardo D. Esteves

High Flight Team One Eighth Air Force Fokker D VIII Berni Boland-Dave Johnson

High Flight Advanced One Eighth Air Force Albatros DV Bernie Boland

Best Mission Award Advanced Hemet Model Masters Fairchild PT-19 Eduardo D. Esteves

Best Mechanical Landing Gear Barbee Concrete Construction Typhon Roy Vaillancourt

Best Radial Engine Barbee Concrete Construction Lublin R-XIIID Larry Botsford

Best Mission Open Dubro Products Inc Clipped Wing Cub Earl Dever, Jr

High Static S&A Tooling Scottish Av. Bulldog Bob Patton


Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | 2010 U.S. Scale Masters Championships

(above) William Zimmerman’s 80” Bert Baker P-47 Thunderbolt awaits clearance to start the Zenoah purring 2010 Masters Flier



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