Video Update: Top Gun A-6E Intruder

Video Update: Top Gun A-6E Intruder

  Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Video Update: Top Gun A-6E Intruder

The  Team of Mike  Selby  and General Raymond Johns of the USAF (Pilot) will be competing at the 2012 Top Gun event with Mike’s amazing Team Scale entry a completely original Grumman A-6E Intruder. The A-6E is made from a composite vacuum layup of aired carbon and fiberglass.

Practice Flights A6-E model jet, 14 March 2012 from Michael Selby on Vimeo.


A6E Intruder test flight 14 February 2012 from Michael Selby on Vimeo.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Video Update: Top Gun A-6E Intruder

The formers are made with nomex/carbon to reduce weight. The landing gear is made from Aluminum/Titanium again to reduce weight. The plane is just under 1/5-scale and weighs 55lbs. dry. It uses a B300F turbine with the power dialed back. It is a single engine with a bifurcated pipe made of stainless steel and titanium. The model has functional slats and flaps, as well as pylons with ordinance. Probably the toughest part of Mike’s project was the landing gear and the main doors which are so large. We can’t wait to see this amazing jet at Top Gun this year!

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Video Update: Top Gun A-6E Intruder

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Video Update: Top Gun A-6E Intruder  Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Video Update: Top Gun A-6E Intruder

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Video Update: Top Gun A-6E Intruder  Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Video Update: Top Gun A-6E Intruder

Updated: July 15, 2015 — 3:36 PM


  1. Hi Mike and Ray,

    Looking forward to seeing the 3 of you at Top Gun soon!

    Your Team Scale Craftsmanship judge.

  2. Except for the grass on the side of the runway, you couldn’t tell it was a model….great job, quite detailed. Can’t wait to see it fly!

  3. Awesome. These two guys are a couple of my R/C heroes along with Greg Hahn and Frank Tiano. I am hoping to get down there again this year.

  4. Where’s this “Top Gun” event? I am new to this. Thank you.

    1. It’s in Lakeland, Florida May 2-6. Go to for more information. This should be on every RC plane modeler’s bucket list — it’s a first-rate event with amazing planes & pilots!

  5. Beautiful NAvY plane not often seen or kit ted

  6. Can someone…anyone reading this PLEASE kit this ariplane! I have been wanting to build this plane for a long time and would LOVE to find someone offering it for sale. EXCELLENT!

    1. It’s in the shop getting repaired. Fortunately this unit is working out a an NAS right now…. 🙂

  7. I worked on these babies for about 8 years in the Marines and I have to say that this looks like it’s the real thing and until I read it was a 1/5th scale model I thought they were brought out of mothballs! Great job and now I have a reason to go from VT to FL to see my Brother (and the Top Gun Event) As asked – any chance these will be available as a Kit?

  8. This brings back a lot of memories , i was a Aircraft structural mechanic & plane captain on the A6A for VA85 40 years ago. I would love to see a kit this size also … ” Way to GO Mike”……..

  9. Worked on the avionics of the A-6A INTRUDER at Grumman aircraft Bethpage Long Island. What an aircraft…

  10. Would LOVE one of these as a personal hack!

  11. I saw many of these on the carriers I was on and had avionics classmates in the squadrons. What a great piece of flying machinery they are!

  12. Beautiful, beautiful. I spent 30 years at Grumman of which 12 were working with the A-6A, A-6B, A-6C, EA-6B, A-6E and the EA-6B. This magnificent Navy /Marine bomber could go off the deck with a 30,000 pound load ( more than a B-17 0r a B-47) and penetrate deeper than any other bomber of it’s size. The program was cancelled when we started to build the A-6F. That’s the A6-E with the FLIR system. Brings back many memories Thanks

  13. Love the model. The paint scheme appears to be VA128 training Squaron. I flew in the A6A as a Bombadier/navagator in 1968, attached to damned bomber the Navy ever had or has yet!.Just a note, the catapult shuttle was hookedto the nose gear

  14. Hey General, how are you? Beautiful airframe of course. You fellows do not fool around. This is Chic White, the retired Air Force flyer from PGRC, your real home model club. See you at Top Gun one day with my own beautiful airframe. Smile. Redtail

  15. Hi Mike: Really nice job with the plane. I’ve been using balsa to build old war planes, but you’ve taken it to a whole other level

  16. My dad waz an A6 pilot back wen and Im a marine but, I would love to get a kit like this wknd build it for him for xmas 2012 where can I get one?

  17. There are no words for there work, okay more than AWESOME. Mike you should open your own R/C show room.
    I would use my (little) army retirement to get something.
    Year after year your work is…..GREAT.


  18. Fantastic job guys. I saw plenty of these during my days on USS INDEPENDENCE. Awesome plane and awesome model.

  19. One heck of a model. Been waiting for this for quite some time. Like some other readers, I have worked on the various A-6 platforms throughout my military career.
    Now if you could only make the wing tip speed brakes work…

  20. for all of you Intruder Bubba’s go to the Intruder website and sign up for the upcoming A6 reunion in May in San Diego

  21. Reminds me of time spent at NAS Ault Field on Whidby Island, Washington. I was in VP-1 with P2V Neptunes until the P3 Orions arrived. I used to vacation at Oak Harbor after retirement and watch them take off and land from the north beach at Deception Pass until they were phased out

  22. Beautiful model….excellent replication of VA-128 paint…..I have time in 155660.

  23. lovely model ,congratulation if you turn this beauty in a kit.I M READY FOR ONE. great job .a

  24. Very Nice! One hint, don’t slow down so much on landing you need power, that plane is not a glider.

  25. Hi Mike and Johns.

    Looking forward to meet you at TG 2012.
    Well done, beautiful airplane! Again!

  26. Great book titled “Flight of the Intruder” read it for a great A6 fix!

  27. It is terrific to see this aircraft so beautifully modeled. This much ignored aircraft was the navies heavy lifter from Vietnam into the nineties. This Grumman Iron works beast brought crews home from some of the most horrific combat in history. The model would benefit from adding the A6’s unusual wing tip speed brakes. The model could then fly the traditional nose high “fly it into the deck” approach that this aircraft did so well.

  28. Great model of a fantastic aircraft. But PLEASE drop the music from the video!

  29. congrats on your Star. The USAF and myself (U.S.Army) are very proud of your work and of your team.

  30. My Dad was the X.O. of VA-128 back in the 70’s. Great model…

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