1. Admittedly, it is a foamy and not likely to cause serious damage, but I think this behavior is irresponsible. I also think you are making a terrible mistake by encouraging such behavior.

  2. Good Day,
    I’m a long time fan of MAN, and a long time RC Pilot.

    I have a question however about you showing that wonderfully senic video…

    Do you guys endorse that type of flying? Because showing the video without a disclamer makes it appear you do.
    As wonderful as it is, that type of activity breaks many of the AMA guidelines and rules regarding model operation.

    I feel it an injustice to those that follow the rules, that there isnt a clear and consise disclamer of “Dont do this at home” when you show these types of activities as every wannabe camera/video pilot will now be buzzing through places that arent safe to operate RC planes just to get a great video.

    I recognize the difficulty, but you guys need to set the example, not promote activity that jepordizes RC flying.

    Just my opinion, I hope you understand my perspective.

    1. Hi Jim, do you realize that we’re the laughing stock of the world? That because of the mentality of people like you and the rest of you who are talking trash about this amazing video we’re called square heads, impractical and boring, I know that you may not care about it but I do because unlike most of my fellow Americans I actually travel a lot and I make sure I get to know other cultures. It’ll be great if people like you could put their heads where the sun actually shines! Leave Debra alone let her do her job as a journalist and publisher, if you don’t like it, well too bad for ya, just go ahead close your eyes and don’t look at it! The rest of us do enjoy this kind of videos and the dexterity shown by the pilot, do not try to squash the freedom of information you got no right to do so!!! DEBRA KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, DO NOT STOP BRING US THESE KIND OF REVOLUTIONARY VIDEOS, THEY’RE GREAT, REFRESHING AND THEY HELP TO KEEP THE INTEREST IN OUR HOBBY ALIVE!!! Don’t pay attention to the square heads.

    2. Hi Jim and everyone else who doesn’t like this video, if you really were a knowledgeable RC pilot you would have appreciated this video for the excellent flying skills displayed (and you would have known that the little foam powered glider is slow, has very little kinetic energy and is harmless as could be seen when it flew into the water…..)

      Thank you very much MAN & Debra for not keeping this lovely display of airmanship and skills from us just to keep some old meddling ladies and some rulemakers happy. To all you old meddling ladies out there, it is a shame to have gone through life and never lived. I have done some pretty wild things in my life and those are the memories I will cherish on my death bed.

      If it wasn’t for people who had the guts to push the boundaries in the past, you ladies would not have had the comforts Americans have become so dependent and reliant on. (I Lived in the US for 5 years, about 7 too much…..) and it’s a shame that quality of life and wildness of heart has been replaced by idiotic rules, lawyers, greed and socialism.

      I regularly fly my gas powered Scale Airwolf and many other planes using my front yard, or the street in front of my house as the runway. (all the neighbors and their kids love it and always come and watch when I fly)

      We have even flown cross country competition where we would take off get on the back of a truck and pilot our planes from the back of a moving truck to another town. (You should see how awesome it looks when the plane are flying next to you at 90mph!) I guess your eye are twitching as you scream dangerous, in the wrong hands surely…..but so is crossing the road and driving a car.

      Stop drinking your anti-depressants and embrace the opportunity and thrill of living, and become courageous and wild at heart again like the previous generations of people who was responsible for the good things we have today! Yes there is risk and danger in reality, but don’t worry too much about it as one can always manage danger with common sense and good skills. Should you not succeed, well we are all destined to die someday anyway.

      I will rather be a tiger for a day than a sheep for a lifetime…… Thanks Crazy Horst you have inspired me, time to go put a camera on my Airwolf……

      1. Wow Dirk. What a way to put it… The video is indeed amazing, and so is your post. Very well said! all of it!
        I wish everyone would embrace life the way you explained! It´s not about following the rules, which we all sholld, it´s about the way we face life!!!!
        Best regards from somewhere outside USA…

    3. Probably a good thing he’s in Europe and not part of the AMA then….

  3. I agree this is Not responsible flying… Should not be encouraged…

  4. This type of flying is totally irresponsible and against all the rules that we need to follow and enforce to protect R/C flying in the states and as a whole. I would hope this video is pulled from the MAN site as others may interpret it as an acceptable practice.

  5. Wunderba! If only I could fly that well. Fantastic editing. Horst is meinen hero.

    1. I’m with ya here. I only wish I could fly like that too. Amazing isn’t it?

  6. While one scene was a bit bad with buzzing low on a pedestrian bridge, the majority are industrial or rural locations. The plane has a rear facing propeller and is a small foamy, quite safe. And as all of the flying is at reasonable speeds and in direct line of site and fairly close distances, the risks are very low. I found it very interesting and enjoyable to see. Thanks for sharing. Without knowing what precautions he took, I would not slight him for what he showed.

  7. Total Awesome video and experience !! 🙂

  8. While this video was intresting, this type of r/c flying should never have been shown to the modeling public. VERY BAD timing on your part MAN.

    1. Sieg Hail much Ron? How many books have you burnt lately? Oh boy! The brown shirts are out trying to enforce their fascists’ third Reich mentality on the rest of us; it is what they do best… Repress and Oppress!!!! Well I got news for you! You just hit a huge brick wall called the First amendment!!! Let me drop some knowledge on all of you that keep on bashing Debra and the makers of the video. “The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights. The amendment prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.”

      “Originally, the First Amendment applied only to laws enacted by the Congress. However, starting with Gitlow v. New York, the Supreme Court has applied the First Amendment to each state. This was done through the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. The Court has also recognized a series of exceptions to provisions protecting the freedom of speech.”

  9. Showing this vdeo is very bad timing on your part MAN.

    1. Ron, can you hear that? Is your life calling you, it wants you to embrace it, go for it get it, get a life!!!! Hurry up it may not be too late!

  10. I very much enjoyed the video,and editing and music!!Thank you for sharing.Horst du bist ja,ausgezeichnet!!! Tschuess!! Paul

  11. The FAA will surely have something to say about that kind of flying in their forthcoming proclomations.

  12. Considering what the AMA recently went through with the FAA and “Home Land Security” breathing down the backs of rc pilots here in the US, I think it was irresponsible for MAN to show this. It maybe be foam but it will still do damage if it hits an unsuspecting person in the face or startles a driver on the highway.

  13. I have to agree with everyone here on both counts – beautiful video but totally irresponsible on the flyer’s part. Good thing this was done in Europe and not in the US. FAA would be all over this……………..
    If MAN presented this video as to what not to do, I believe everyone would agree.

    1. Richard, I don’t think the FAA would care as the flights were well under 400 feet altitude.

  14. I think it’s awesome. Better than a real size helicopter doing it like you see all the time. What if a full size helicopter fell on people or crashed into a castle. This is foam, and it wasn’t dive bombing cars. The low flyby’s were not as close as they looked. I think it was really cool and actually artistic in the scenes and times of day. Sure, some freak show could use an RC craft to do harm but I have never seen it. You see it in movies and on military documentaries. They are the ones that are really advertising negative use of RC crafts. Not this guy. You can show criminal or war “use” on tv but not artistic use online? Give me a break.

    1. Paulnunya. Don’t waste your time these fascist brown shirts won’t understand.

  15. I absolutely love this video! The early part in town, particularly the busy bridge, and the pass by the guys in the inflatable boat were pretty questionable, but the rest was beautiful. And the end was hilarious! Just don’t hit anyone with that camera boom out front. You have probably have a pound or more of batteries and motors and such behind it. It would hurt, a lot!

  16. …guys, it’s in Germany, not the juristiction of the AMA….
    Pull the joysticks outta your butts and enjoy an amazing video with beautiful scenery and flying.
    S. Sagara

    1. S. Sagara. Thank you!!! Finally someone is showing common sense!!!

  17. Wow! I must agree with most of the above. Terrific video, great editing and music and the ending, well let’s just say I am glad I am not the only one who has put an airplane into a body of water. The piloting is excellent to be sure.

    Otherwise, it is irresponsible for MAN to endorse this by not distributing it w/o disclaimers – it can hurt the hobby and that is geographically agnostic.

    -The lens on a HeroHD is quite wide angle so the plane is actually closer to objects than it appears.
    -Foamy or not, that little airplane and equipment combo has enough weight to do some damage. I do not really worry about the prop so much as the projectile factor.
    -The catch on the balcony at the very end is ridiculous. So many ways for that to go wrong. Might not hurt anyone but could easily aggravate people and that is almost as bad.
    -Plenty of the fly-bys that were so close to the pilot were also quite close to others.

    I dunno – I have done some pretty dumb and dangerous things (to my airplanes) but have always drawn the line when others are involved. Plus I never took a video, became a magazine editor and then pushed it out for viewing. Just seems irresponsible to me when the potential damage to the hobby outweighs the benefit of an otherwise pretty cool video.

  18. S.Sagara thank you! Dear grumpy old men, your right he is being potentially dangerous and irresponsible. You can relate your thoughts without being soo negative. Your also right in that the FAA and AMA would probably not approve but unless you work for those organizations don’t put words in their mouth. The reality is this guy is not in America so all the tough guy talk is not accomplishing anything.
    Now, if your actually mad at MAN, cancel your subscription. I doubt any one of you actually advocates the sport/hobby as much as you sound like you do. So, chill out a notch or two. I’ve met quite a few model pilots and for the most part we are a pretty awesome bunch of people. What I just read was not indicative of the people I know. Let’s all re-think the way we share our views and opinions and re-consider the necessity of putting people and our favorite magazine editors down.

  19. I think there is the need for some perspective here. It’s a sad society that completely legislates away all risk. When that happens then we will have lost all sense of adventure, and I for one would consider that an exceptionally boring world to live in. The reality is that the second most dangerous thing in this video was when he fell into the river … and the most dangerous thing he did was most probably the drive in his car to the various flying sites. Perspective people, perspective!

  20. Absolutely fantastic video. Hope to see more soon, Horst, you are inspiring.

    John, Jim, Ron and others; This is not in the US (believe it or not), so forget the AMA. Actually mind your own business. Seems like in the US someone is always looking over your shoulder to see if you can get caught breaking a rule. “Homeland security” etc.. It is a foamy model airplane for gods sake! Where are you guys heading??

    I am glad FUN is still allowed i Europe.

    Geir, Norway

    1. Geir,

      I am an old chap of 75 years, I agree totaly with you fantastic video and not so dangerous. I saw some accidents in our hobby, it was in our field with a lot of safety rules. Here you have a foamy plane, with people looking at the plane, or in place where there is no boby.No problems.

      I was affraid with the flight of 3/4 radio-control “mens” not far from Manhattan, I think this was more dangerous. Our plane can be used by terrorists. I think next to Effeil Tower the pilots would have sleep in a jale.

      I download the video just to have Fun for the music and the skill of the pilot.

      Bernard, St Denis next to Paris

    2. Geir Thanks for putting the brown shirts in their place, we need more people like you!!!

  21. I agree with S. Sagara and Dan Rodewald. I have been flying for 30 years and think this is one fabulous video. Shot well and edited well. The old guys whining just need to get a life. And as stated the AMA isn’t an issue in Germany. And after all it is a small foamie. How much damage could it do???
    Mr. Muethenmetz is a “double thumbs up” pilot in my opinion for the skills he exibited. I wonder how malny gliders he destroyed filming this!!!???

    Crash Houser
    North Carolina
    AMA member

  22. Beautiful video, but totally irresponsible flying, especially close to the hot air balloon. Could be a foamy plane, but a small tear on a hot air balloon could be a disaster. This is not a question of AMA or Homeland security or FAA rules. It is a question of good sense, in Europe, The Americas, anywhere. NOT to be imitated.

  23. This is a great video, beautiful scenery and great flying! Just might have to plan a trip to Germany.

    1. Winston count me in!!!!

  24. I do not agree with most of the other contributors. I think this is a wonderful video with exceptional flying. I wish he had shown some of those landings between scenes. As for all of the negative comments from those legal eagles, Stop trying to tear down something which is quite difficult to do and equally difficult to do as well as he did. Why must modelers be so quick to judge the accomplishments of others. This was a great video done very well. I liked the ending.

  25. What can I say ? It is beautiful to see, wonderful flying, and fun to watch, … Oh wait, in the good old USA, you can’t have any fun, you might offend or hurt someone. But you can have Ultimate Fighting and show it on TV for children to watch. Grow up and tell Homeland Security, AMA and the FAA to go to hell!!

    1. I agree it is a great Video and great Piloting….
      The Man has Balls to get up in and on some of the places he went to film….Loved it..,Yup Yup Yup……

  26. Wonderful video. Thank you MAN. This video has been in the public domain, on Utube, for some time now, so I don’t think MAN did any harm in making it available to RC flyers.
    I plan on building a similar aircraft and then make it available to local police departments to help find lost children, seniors citizens, farm animals and looking for criminals on the run. I want to use a larger plane so I can pack in more batteries for longer flight times and handle winds up to 20-25 mph.

  27. Must be nice to live in a beautiful free country like Germany. Unfortunately I live in Amerika where this kind of activity would be dealt with a swift knee to the back of the neck by jack booted thugs and promptly sent to Guantanamo Bay never to be seen or heard from again.

  28. As specialist in the field of defense micro UAV and RC hobbier, I found this video amazing in all the means, including the breach of tens of safety and flight rules!!

    It is beautiful but it is not wise to encourage it!

    One of the risk is that, whenever (US, Europe, Asia), the local Authority will issue more a more restrictive regulation that will make our hobby almost impossible to practise. And we have not to feed their concerns with video like this. Above all, if endorsed by a high referenced public media as MAN is …

    1. Francesco. Here’s my reply to you… Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!!!!! Go take a chill pill man.

  29. Great video thanks for sharing. To everyone with the negative comments. GET A GRIP!

  30. Perhaps the flying regs in Germany are different than here in the States because they’re better at it than we are. This video proves that. I applaud the skill and imagination shown in the video. Keep teaching us Yanks how to do it.

  31. What an awesome video! Totally inspirational…

    Thank God (oops, I hope I offended someone) that there are still people who enjoy flying and pushing the limits and just follow the hobby for the joy that it is.
    Although I ask… why does this hobby have a disproportional amount of rules lawyers and makers? Legislate everything away? Paranoid about something?

    1. Dear Ray, if you are a new comer in the fantastic world of RC aircraft hobby then you are fully legitimate to pose your question. Instead, if you are an expert pilot, well then your questions are embarassing for lack of a minimum of flight safety knowledge that any pilot should have!
      Therefore I assume you are in the first category. I reccomend you to read some artcles on cinetic energy (http://www.physicsclassroom.com/class/energy/u5l1c.cfm). The problem of our hobby is that our toys can reach an high cinetic energy. This energy is transformed in destructive force when impact against someting. If this “something” is the grass of our RC club flight field, nobody cares! Instead if one of our toy crashes in the head of a persong walking in the courtyard of his apartment, then this person could have a lot to argue! On top of this, do not forget that our toy have a sharp propeller, spinning at high speed. If, during a crash , the blade touch the face of someone also for a fragment of second , the effect is devastating for this unfault guy! Crazy Horst piloted a relatively small and light foamie aircraft (therefore one of the lowest cinetic energy reacheble with our toys) with the propeller in a configuration that is the safer possible (in the back of the wing instead of the nose of the fuselage, that is the most common c onfiguration for aerodinamic reason). Therefore, it took all the possible precaution to avoid disaster. However, these precautions does not legitimate him to use the aeromodel in urban areas or in proximity of highway. Therefore the regulations are not inspired by the paranoia but simply by the phisic law!

  32. Once again, the video is amusing and the author is a wizard! Most of the image have been recorded flying in area that I judge very safe with an impressive capibity to transfer emotion about the potentiality of our hobby. Other few images are the result of flight performed in high risk places in terms of flight safety. Every clever pilot must strictly avoid to put at risk other people wich could seriously injured by our toys.
    Then, obviously, unfortunately the world is full of stupid guys. But that’s the life! I hope to meet as few stupid guys as possible on my way! However, be sure that if I see a RC pilot fellow acting in a dangerous behaviour, for him and for the others, I will be the first to do all my best to make him to stop it. Also if it is a wizard pilot or a supposed visionaire of terrific future use of our toys! Crazy Horst, you are advised!!

  33. Awesome video!!
    As a 30 year R/C fan and former resident of Germany- this project and all the work that went into it made my day. Thanks!!
    I passed it on to friends both here in the states and Germany who are not in the sport. I would encourage you to ignore all the silly “sky is falling” comments and keep up the creative use of our hobby
    Jim in Orlando

  34. Amazing video. The AMA comments are making me laugh. Was not aware the AMA reached over to Germany, thankfully it does not!

  35. Nice video, nice flying, beautifully edited. Certainly done by a proficient pilot. Not too many people around in most of the scenes. Looks like the glider was launched, a pass or two was made, and then the pilot moved on to the next locale. The red jacket was a nice touch in most of the scenes. I’ve tried to use a video camera on an electric sailplane and it’s not easy to do. Quality stuff. Funny ending….

  36. Great video. If this is too “dangerous” for some then you better just stay indoors and never open your windows. What made America into such a country of wusses anyways? I’m not for reckless endangerment but this video, plane, and flying are so far from that. The this is “irresponsible” comments must be from geratric circle flyers who don’t really even fly.


  38. This pilot showed dexterity and skill. Nearly all of his scenes did not involve the publi and putting anyone in harms way. And where he did fly in public, it is a foam plane. As for the FAA being all over it, they would like the pics too and see that the flying was done in rural areas with a foam plane. (They might complain that some idiot would take a jet and try it, but most of us know that it is too costly to lose a jet, even an EDF foamy from one of the website stores, and the rest of us as shown above, don’t have the gonads, to do that type of flying in the good ole US of A. So just to cover their hind quarters they would foment some DA rule that would only stop those of us whom wouldn’t do it in the 1st place.) MAN, I thouroughly enjoyed seeing this clip. I only wish I had that idea. AWESOME vid!!

  39. First of all, let’s put the “it’s only a foamie” argument to rest. I was hit by what appears to be a similar airplane is size and speed (Sky Surfer), and I still have the pins and rods in my leg to show for it. The pilot was doing nothing wrong, he just had an unexpected equipment malfunction and, well, s**t happens.

    I think this video, and the piloting displayed in it, are both extraordinary, but we do need to keep “what if” in mind when we’re doing these things. In many locations shown in the video the only damage would have been to the aircraft, but in others this pilot was selfishly — or ignorantly — putting others at risk.

    What’s more disturbing to me is the lack of civility shown in some of these posts (yes, Raul, I’m talking to you). I’m part of the younger generation of pilots, but that doesn’t mean we have to resort to disrespectful name calling just because we disagree. Fortunately, most AMA members I know show much more class and respect for their fellow flyers than this.

    As much as some narcissistic posters would like to ignore it, it’s not about us as individuals. We have a responsibility to one another to fly safely.

    1. I loved the video, I myself would never risk the safety of others and would the hobby at risk, common sense in some of clips would have been great, I think I would like to fly in Germany in some of those open spaces.

  40. This video is art in motion. It’s wonderful!! There are some obviously “amateurish” aspects to it… think how awesome it would be if “professionally” done!! Any efforts to ban such activity should be met with appropriate countermeasures!!

  41. I think it is a great video. Buzzing the ped bridge maybe not so hot an idea but overall a winner for sure!

    Whats he got coming next? can’t wait!

    These guys flying the AMA this and rules that flag need to evolve, you can but RC planes almost anywhere now, the hobby has evolved and you have not. Maybe mix in a trip to youtube and see some RC videos there….better take your heart meds first….

  42. I was getting a bit upset when he was Buzzing that Hot Air Balloon…..I said no no no not to do that….
    Then he was in it and caught it…WHEW!!!!!!
    Loved it…..

  43. Thank you, member643, for your reasoned response. Obviously, this topic is a hot one, and one must look at the whole picture. Beautiful video? Yes! Most of it didn’t present a danger to others. But, there were some scenes where anything could have happened resulting in the injury of someone. He did lose control of the airplane flying over the water afterall!

  44. I am very disappointed in this
    Publication to let this dribble to
    Carry on so long………

  45. I don’t know if you negative guys noticed but this looks like it was shot in Europe. Now I’m not sure but the almighty american AMA doesn’t have jurisdiction there (although americans like to think they have jurisdiction over the entire world) AMA – hah!!

    Nice video – truely awsome!!! Going out to buy GoPro today.

  46. It’s both, but I lean toward irresponsible flying practices….the “what ifs” far outweigh the “coolness”.

  47. was you all watching the same video
    put together very nicely
    where was all the people that was put in danger
    you can clearly see the man in the red coat was the pilot
    and was a very good pilot and i am sure any of the places he went saw that he had a plane and if they didnt like it he would be told to go
    he wasnt dive bombing any one or playing chicken with the traffic but should of known better to try and get the plane out of the river with TX in his hand 🙂

  48. Boy, we are paranoid here in the US! There was very little danger here. Of course, the Fun Nazis would want to put an end to it.

    Just like the reaction to that guy flying the foam wing in NYC. No one was ever in danger, but the over-reaction makes the news.

  49. I liked the video, thought it was a little risky. But noticed that it was in Germany. AMA rules do not apply. Allot of you are jealous that you can’t do that kind of flying in the States because of the AMA rules. I flew a trainer for a year, Had to sell it due to financial reasons. that was 28 yrs ago. now that I’m disabled I wish I can afford the hobby again. Flying under the bridges got me thinking of a way to inspect bridges and buildings safely without the need to jeopardize people for this reason, mount a camera on a heli and inspect away. Necessity is the mother of invention. Debra don’t let those closed minded individuals deter you from reporting more videos like this.
    My 2 cents worth, that’s all I can afford…LOL

  50. Nice video, but I think the flying was irresponsible. No one was hurt. If the little foamy had startled a motorist and caused an accident, this wouldn’t be so pretty. I hope Raul has some deep pockets, because if he causes an accident, there won’t be an AMA to cover him.

  51. It looks like most of the flying is i rural areas and the 1 or 2 people in the video were spoting for the pilot . BEUTIFUL VIDEO at USA flying fields there are sometimes when the planes get close to flight lines and all goes oh wow and some to day are trying flight by view so whats the big deal!!
    pilot was well skilled and looks like he took precautions not like some pilots on u tube Wouldnt it be nice if we could watch our own flying from the cocpit some time FLY SAFE PROMOTE THE HOBBY

  52. Does this mean that some Americans are actually admitting that there are other countries that are more free.

  53. Just think of all the stunts done by people/pilots that are not posted,and done by alot less talented pilots,Those are the ones we should worry about,not this one. In many ways Crazy Horse has done more to promote the hobby,than hurt it. I doubt that foam plane it going to do much damage..

  54. Sigh. As with anything the least bit controversial, the conversation inevitability deteriorates to name-calling, us vs. them, and insults to manhood.

    Many of the comments do not even deal with the core issue of country-agnostic, sensible safety. What is not in question:
    -The video itself is just terrific – well shot, nicely edited and really fun to watch
    -The pilot is highly skilled, no question whatsoever about that
    -Portions of the video are very safe, remarkably beautiful and are not in question
    -In many cases, during a mishap, the only damage that might occur is to the aircraft itself and the pilot’s pride; had the pilot wrecked his plane into a concrete wall or even into himself then that is the part of the game. While I would feel badly if he were hurt, I would recognize that he was aware of the risks and wish him speedy recovery.

    The issues that matter:
    -Those pilots that live in the US are, and need to be, more sensitive to these types of things than perhaps those pilots in other countries. They may not like it but are stuck with it and telling regulatory agencies to “go to hell” just is not a viable alternative
    -Had the pilot hit someone else, an innocent bystander, then the story is completely different.
    -You can argue all you want that it is a foamy and therefore safe. I would defy anyone to stand by while another pilot (particularly one as good as crazy horst) flies that foamy at your head with the goal of hitting you with it. You would reflexively duck, guaranteed. Why? Because you know it would hurt. An innocent bystander may not even be aware of what was going to happen and would not have that chance to duck. Would you want to be the guy that hit someone?
    -Nothing accompanying this video sought to mitigate the inherent dangers to those much less informed. Most of the innocent bystanders could easily have been informed but we do not know whether they were or not.
    -Flying the plane near cars on a highway simply defies common sense. Just one startled driver and this fun becomes tragic. And please let us not devolve into German v American drivers as they are equally susceptible to being startled or suddenly snapped from their attentiveness on cell phones, kids, food, etc.

    I really am all for having all the fun we can from this great hobby. I just believe we need to respect the safety of others and not show videos like this without at least informing folks of some of the potential dangers and even some of the extra precautions that were taken.

    And moreover, please leave my ‘nads, my country, my age, my gender, my skills, my choices and your petty personal attacks someplace else – they are not relevant here. The more personal you are the less your opinion matters.

    1. Price Dempler, I agree 100% with your comments!

  55. I have flown my electric 84″ Yak 54 with video/on board and
    my hood and receiver on my head, on a (buddy box) only.
    What a blast.
    To those who thinks this is unsafe, go do another hobby.
    I am a licensed pilot, and fly a Cherokee P A 28 140.
    Flying my Yak with vid cam is like being in the cockpit of
    my full scale cherokee.
    Just a whole lot safer and cheaper.

  56. what irresponsible, dangerous and ill advised flying, I could not believe how anyone could possibly call this video —————-
    ho hell I am a seasoned RC pilot of 65 years old, think I will take my 30cc edge out this weekend have some wild fun and try to remember what it was like to be young again.
    hats off to you kids

  57. very irresponsible. FACT! If any part of the contol system failed, even a 10 to20 ounce foam aircraft could cause serious or even fatal harm to any person along that route.

  58. WOW ! Terrific Video – Terrible Judgement in many areas….
    FCC will likely have a hey-dey with this one! Bad Timing
    Best to leave the innocent bystanders out of harms way….we have a pickup at the field with a good dent from a similar craft.
    DON’T try this with DSM2 !!! From personal experience, the link from thumbs to control sufaces can experience some un-wanted discontinuity at in-opportune times !!!

    I’ll bet this is one of your “most commented upon” segments!

  59. If you agree or don’t, it’s still a great video. Thanks for posting. Oh, why need a disclaimer, really? How about people be accountable for their own actions and stop blaming (fill in the blank). Also, do you really have to say “don’t try this at home”. How about use common sense. I would never try most of what was in the video, but enjoyed watching it.

  60. Yes, it is an amazing video! Proportionally to its comments…

    About the “supposed” irresponsibility, one have only to say: “kids, don’t do at home!” As he actually did! (at home)

    By the way… he is an excellent pilot, so the risks are really too low. And, about that part when plane fell on the (yellow) river, he made intentionally, just to fell together and make us laugh a little.

  61. Being in a third world country, what I observe is, some of the RC pilots in USA are more concerned with the “What IF” side of things… The “What IF” way of thinking is appreciable to an extent. But after a point, it tends to knock the doors of paranoia. One can attach this “What IF” to absolutely anything ; even sitting on a chair and reading this thread can be made dangerous, and the number of scenario’s one can think of are infinite.

    I am surprised to see that instead of appreciating the effort and creativity shown by Crazy Horse, many poeple are more concerned with the “What IF” factor.

    The video has the potential to bring in more new pilots to the Hobby, and any person who see’s this video can feel his connection with flying…. Indeed it is inspiring.

    I strongly urge the biggest RC community to let this hobby remain enjoyable to the enthusiast’s, keep the rules simple (Like do not fly in populated or public areas). And that should be enough I suppose.

    Also, the onus of public safety lies in the hands of the modeler…. To the naysayers, Just answer this question :- WHAT IF a plane looses contorl, flies off the AMA certified area and lands on the face of an unsuspecting bystander…. ?

    I mean to say, there are What IF’s to everything… no matter how many rules you setup, thing will go worng.

    One is never safe, ANYWHERE ! So, please dont be overtly concerned, and PLEASE ENJOY THE HOBBY, and let other enjoy it too…

  62. This type flying requires a higher level of pre-flight inspection and advanced flying skills and an understanding that you are putting all rc flyers liberties at risk in the event of a pilot or mechanical failure on your part please respect the level of liability you are assuming and use extreme caution and discretion mechanical things fail human beings make mistakes you have two strikes against you at the start please be careful

  63. one more thought to my last entry a basic law of the universe states that each time you get away with a risky action is one less time you have please ponder this

  64. The video was beautiful and amazing. The pilot skill was incredible! Thank you to MAN for sharing! Shame on all of you nasayers… Do you have the flying skills, computer skills or photography skills to produce a video like this? I say not!! In the US we are governed by laws, attorneys, civil torts, FAA, NSA, Homeland Security, AMA and on and on. Everyone worries about “what if’s” and lawsuits. And rightfully so, as soon as someone stubbs their toe, they are looking for a personal injury attorney. We have billboards along our highways that ask, “WHO CAN I SUE.COM” or “1-800-PAIN NOW”. Some facts… 1. This video was taken in Europe. Things are different over there. People don’t sue at the drop of a hat. 2. The model was a light, pusher prop foamie! Can’t do much damage anyway. If it hit someone, it might startle them, but I doubt, injure them. The GO-PRO Camera was mounted back of the nose, so impact would be foam. 3. Live a little!! This great pilot took us to some amazingly beautiful places with his well done video. Enjoy it for what it is. 4. If there is any question on where the US is headed, look at the video games, cage fighting and music that is being played and shown across or great land. Children don’t go outside anymore, they are glued to computers or TV’s watching horrible video games. I wish they would be outside flying models as I did as a child growing up in Bronx, New York. Any park was a flying field for me in the 60’s and 70’s.

    I understand the concerns of some of the posters. Without risks, we don’t push the envelope, we don’t advance. History and new deveoplements are made by pushing the envelope. Unfortunately, we are relegated to a society where if we get a papercut, we want to hold someone responsible for our “injury”.

  65. Scenic flight or dangerous stunt? Senic for sure…
    Personally I think someone should sponsor him to travel the world and show it to us in his very unique and awesome way

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