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2/3-scale Hanriot HD.1

2/3-scale Hanriot HD.1

We first featured Ian Turney-White’s impressive WW I biplane a few years ago in Model Airplane News, and we were thrilled to see it fly in a recent video shot at a Large Model Association meet at in Elvington, England. Powered by a 425cc JPX engine, the 19-foot-span scratch-built model weighs in at 195 pounds. In addition to highlighting its great flight characteristics, this video by Dean and Pete Coxon shows a lot of the plane’s scale details. Enjoy!

Updated: August 27, 2015 — 10:03 AM
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  2. a truly work of art, thanks for posting Debra

  3. It maybe a 2/3rd scale, but it flies like it’s 3/4’s under-powered! I’ve seen first hand several REAL saved and replica Camels and Hanriot’s at air shows and none fly anywhere near this slow. The video has far too many wing views and for too long and they just aren’t interesting, or dramatic as just watching a plane with this detail flying by from the ground. Very disappointing video, I kept fast forwarding past the wing views looking for full plane views. Put a camera behind the pilot figure looking forward instead!

  4. BTW, which is it? The Video says “50% SCALE”, your headline says “2/3-scale Hanriot HD.1”. Can’t be both.

    1. It’s positively 2/3 scale; we worked with the builder for the article we published a while back.

  5. All right. Whats with the scale? You show it as 2/3 scale. But then you say it is 19 foot wingspan. That would be 3/4 scale, since the original was 25 foot 6 inches according to Wikipedia. The video shows it as 50%, and the builder really should have that figured out pretty close. These are not small differences. Why do you disagree with the builder, and even with yourself?

    1. You seemed to have figured it out yourself, as most people would be able to. So why post your question?

  6. Finally a scale model with scale power Models, regardless of the scale, with 3x or 4x power aren’t scale.

  7. Debra, Thanks for the video. This is sooo far beyond anything I could attempt, just gotta enjoy it!

  8. Magnificent—absolutely magnificent!!!

  9. This plane looks very nice in the air, with it’s size I thought the rigging would be a necessity, they looked extremely loose while flying. Was there any damage to the air frame after the loops.

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