NATO Tornado

NATO Tornado
This gorgeous model of the NATO Luftwaffe Tornado “Tiger” is incredible, complete with functional sweep wings. We thank RCHeliJet for taking this great video at the Airtistica Airshow in Raron, Switzerland, earlier this month. If you have more information on this jet’s builder/pilot, please share in the comments! Meanwhile, if you aren’t familiar with Tornados, we learned that they were developed and built by Panavia Aicraft (a British/German/Italian consortium) and first flew in 1974. It was used by the Royal Air Force, Italian Air Force and Royal Saudi Air Force during the Gulf War, during which the Tornado conducted many low-altitude penetrating strike missions.

Updated: May 8, 2018 — 10:49 AM


  1. I can’t believe that the wings sweep back. Looks real flying.

  2. Incredible! Would love to know how the swept back wings were constructed.

  3. Looks great just sitting on the tarmac. What a flyer! Took my breath away. She sure lands hot. Kudos to a fine pilot. But how many G’s does she pull while taxi-ing on turns? Love the turbin sound.

  4. What altitude is the airstrip? Could be the reason the plane landed so hot!

  5. So frickin cool. I love jets!!!

  6. Beautiful model, beautifully flown and spectacular landing; just a shame the “remove before flight” flag and bung in the fin intake was not removed – before flight!!

  7. Pilot/Owner Julius Jezerniczky from Switzerland. The wings are are indeed swept back!

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