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  1. Awesome, but I’d rather see it in water operations!

  2. A great scale model that’s very impressive Love it and the sound is awesoms, Randy W.

  3. +1, Yeah, It would be awesome to see it taxi in the water or land.That is a beautiful airplane .

  4. Gorgeous awesome and yes it does have an incredible sound I would like to see it also have the option of true to life water landings

  5. Very impressive project; kudos to Herr Brauer!

  6. WOW, enough said.

  7. Very impressive project. congratulations for a job well done!


  9. that is a thing of beauty,

  10. There are not enough adjectives to describe how sweet this ship sounds…

  11. The great thing about so many engines is that a single failure would have minimal effect. There would have to be a couple of outboard engines fail on the same side before it would become an issue, and even then, not a major one.

  12. Loved it! Want to see it at our annual Float Fly this June at Christie Lake Conservation Park. What a wish! Burlington Radio Control Modellers.

  13. SuhWEET! Congrats on an awesome build! My lap comp. couldn’t do it justice, but feeding that vid through the home surround system was worth it! Looks like a great flyer. Will it float too? I so want to see that! Or do I? Not sure my bank account can handle that assault,

  14. Awesome project and so well done and flew so beautifully! congratulations!!
    I can’t even imagine all the effort that went into this airplane. Thank you
    for sharing!

  15. I would like to see how all those engines are started.

  16. don’t minimize the great job the pilot did!!!!

  17. James, engine startup is on youtube

  18. Music! A veritable concert. Loved that low, LOW fly-by. Hair is still standing up on the back of my neck.

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