1. Beautiful model, both take-off and landing was very scale like and thanks for a great video . I remember seeing these planes flying overhead as a young man.

  2. I flew on Connies many times in the military. Great to see this wonderful model flying!

  3. Wow! And I thought the 1/4. Scale Citabria I’m building took up a lot of space in my shop. Fantastic model and flight.

  4. Two word comes to mind: wow and nice

  5. This is one very gorgeous plane!

  6. I flew on one of these around 1965 . This was when I was in the marine corp and our squadron flew from Phila. to Yuma Arizona. All I remember it was a rough ride.

  7. Your skills and dedication is to be admired.wonderful veido ,The sound this airplanes have is to be enjoyed by all.THANK YOU————for not haveing loud music that would interfere hearing the engines.

  8. wish the videographer would use a bipod to take videos, at least when the ac is on the ground

  9. Still one of the prettiest airliners ever made! Outstanding model and flying!

  10. Memories, memories….24 hours in a Connie from Charleston, SC to Tripoli, Libya via Bermuda and the Azores. KLM Connie from Idris, Libya to Frankfurt via Tunis. If I close my eyes and relax with a pillow on my chest, I can still hear the drone…

  11. Wonderful representation of a beautiful plane. I always thought that the Constellation was the most beautiful transport ever. I loved the Doug’s for their functional beauty, but the ‘Connie” was pure fantasy.

    This magnificent ship was well flown, but I feel that the maneuvers were a little “tight”.

  12. Tremendous. Can’t ask for anything better. This is the apitomy of model aviation

  13. Did I see this model fly at a 1/4 scale meet at Boulder City, NV about 30 years ago? Is was impressive then and equally so today.

    I was lucky enough to fly a Connie as a kid decades ago, and even got to go into the cockpit (try that today!) and got my wings! Too bad all the fun has been removed from today’s cattle tubes.

  14. A little info would be nice, like was it based on some ones plans or kit? The engines and radio used. Whose landing gear and so on. I am planning on building one myself and have not decided on whose plans or laser short kit to go with. Shooting for a scale model and I do not have the skill or equipment to make my own landing gear. Pre made nacelles and canopy glass also speed up the construction. Again zero info except the pilots name and where it flew.

  15. Beautiful model and a great flight.

  16. Examples of this icon are nearly extinct and even a large R/C model still gets the heart beating. Beautiful. All that was missing were small radials…….

    My best friend growing up had the opportunity to fly Europe return on one of these and told me it was quite the experience when compared to the more modern jets. Would have loved to try that.

    One Poly I attended had a sim and I tried desperately to have a go. Unfortunately the local flag carrier had it booked round the clock. Since long out of service could never figure out why.

    Lastly, worked at the north end of Toronto Pearson airport and passed by one made into a restaurant at the entrance. My coworker had the engineers ticked on that one and used to tell me he could get it running. Boy was that tempting! Just did not think the van battery had enough power to spin one of those massive radials, but it would have been fun to try.

  17. Had one takeoff over my car at Miami International. MAN THAT’S LOUD!!!
    Pretty model, great flying!

  18. Quite a wonderful and complicated project. Well done. Gotta agree with Vic on this one… the maneuvers were a little tight.

    IMHO the low side to this type of scale plane is that all flying is straight and level with bank and turning in between, so it gets a bit tedious for the spectators (maybe not quite for the pilot). It would have been very interesting to se a slow barrel roll, but then it would have been out of scale flight lol.

  19. Sexiest plane I’ve EVER seen!!!!

  20. Beautiful aircraft but it’s NOT a 1049 Constellation. It’s actually a 1649 Starliner, the last generation of the Constellation series. It is, I believe, modeled after the one that Lufthansa has and purchased from Maurice Roundy in Maine and has been restoring for flight.

    The big and most easy to spot difference is that the wing isn’t elliptical, it is a straight taper. That identifies it as a 1649. Very few were built and Lufthansa was one of the few customers. Also notice it doesn’t have the longer “radar nose” that they didn’t order.

    Ok, enough of me being a know it all. Just thought folks would be interested.

  21. IMPRESSIVE!!!!

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