Favorite Workbench Tips

Favorite Workbench Tips

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Favorite Workbench Tips90-DEGREE DRIVER
Sooner or later, there will come a time when you cannot fit a regular Phillips screwdriver or a hex driver into your airplane to tighten a screw. Did you know that the small driver bits for your electric screwdriver also fit into a common box-end wrench? Simply find the mating-size wrench and insert the bit, and you can maneuver it into the close quarters in your airplane to engage it with the screw head in question. It works great and also increases the torque that you can apply to tighten the screw.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Favorite Workbench Tips

When you cut braided metal cables for pull-pull control setups, like rudder and nose-wheel
steering, the ends will often unravel and become frayed. Simply wrap the cable where you want to cut with paper masking tape and the ends will stay orderly and neat.

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If you notice small dents and dings in the soft balsa before covering, fill a small dish with water and use a Q-tip to apply a drop of water on the dent. Lightly heat the area with a sealing iron and the dents will literally disappear in a puff of steam. As long as the balsa is merely dented and not torn or cracked, this will work perfectly.

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Don’t you hate it when the fuel line comes off inside the fuel tank? It usually causes a dead stick and damage to the model. To avoid this, wind copper wire onto the brass fuel tube and cut the wire with pliers to produce one ring of copper wire near the end. Clean the joint, and solder the ring to the tube. Use just enough solder to form a small fillet around the wire and ring, and let it cool off. Slide your silicone or Tygon gas fuel line in place, and secure with a tie wrap.


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  1. Very good Tips , 3 were new to me , have used water/balsa water/ heat trick for years , But it does not work on Foam models — Dam

  2. Rod
    But steamy hot water on a rag or sponge will. For the big jobs consider a tub full of hot water. Foam evpsnder. Too hot gets a bubbly skin, but just right fixes a lot of foam dents. Dings, bangs amd crashes

  3. 90 degree driver idea is new to me; you taught an old dog a new trick!

    The braid wire wrap cutting tip also works with carbon rod. Then apply a dot of CA.

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