1. Excellent presentation. I’m going to encourage our club to send a link to the video to all of our members.


    1. Wonderful video. This was much easier to digest than the same information in written form. The speaker was believable and easy to understand. You don’t feel like you are listening to someone reading fine print. Videos like this are a far superior way to communicate this information than anything else I have seen AMA do.

  2. Excellent presentation. I would like to know how we can re-register with the
    FAA, as they are requesting same. I was previously registered, but right now, if I try to register, it will not allow it, because it requests an inventory area filled out, indicating what model Remote ID model I have and a serial number for same. As I believe, our club field will be designated a “FRIA SITE” I am not going to purchase any broadcast modules. What to do??

  3. So what do I do while I am fortunate to have access to a large open-space rural location, am nowhere near an RC club and fly my 4 or 5 pound glow powered model which could never be flown indoors? AMA is promoting something that seems to be in its best interest by wanting everyone to be a dues paying member. I don’t recall anything about providing free AMA membership if you belong to an AMA recognized club. While I first joined AMA in the late 50’s I’ve known many flyers who never felt the need to join. Where I live there are Rod & Gun clubs that have no problem firing guns within bullet range of a private residence.

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