Following Hirobo’s success with the XRB mini helicopter, Model Rectifier Corporation proudly introduces the first model of Hirobo’s all-new Lepton series of electric heli’s, the Lepton EX. The Lepton EX is noticeably bigger than any 400 size mini electric currently available on the market, yet smaller than a 30 size for easy transportation and will comfortably fly in just about any sports playing field area. And because it is electric, noise is not a factor. Also due to its larger size it is easier to see, easier to handle in windy conditions, more stable, yet still small enough to be flown indoors.

The Lepton EX comes with all option parts included such as carbon fiber single piece frame plates, CCPM 120 degree control system, aluminum swash plate, aluminum washout, Mini Sceadu Evo style aluminum rotor head, aluminum mixing arms, aluminum stabilizer control arms, aluminum tail case, Evo style tail pitch control, Evo style tail belt, a DTDS Tail drive system, one piece landing gear, and a full compliment of ball bearings for all drive components and levers. All metal option part pieces except the swash plate are anodized “Hirobo Blue” for the ultimate pride in ownership. The Lepton EX kit is the first of three versions to be released. The kit version does not include electronics. Just about any 890 KV out runner style motor with a 5mm output shaft will easily fit into the Lepton EX. A 4S 3000-3700mah LiPo battery with a 20C rating is suggested. For speed control, recommend a 60A-80A rated ESC with BEC capacity and a governor function. Additional power suggestions and options including a 3s power configuration will be listed at www.modelrectifier.com.

Specs: Kit #0304-903 Length: 837mm 32.95 inches Width: 144mm 5.67 inches Height: 281mm 11.06 inches Rotor Diameter: 955mm (37 in.) Comes with 425mm FRP symmetrical main blades Tail rotor diameter: 6.3 inches Recommended Rotor RPM’s: 1800-1900 for hover, 2600 for aerobatics Approximate flight times: 10 mins of fun flying, 6 minutes of all out slammin’ 3D. Street price: $600-650 Check with your local dealer for actual price.

Updated: May 15, 2008 — 10:00 AM
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