300cc Gee Bee R3

300cc Gee Bee R3

Sporting a Coca-Cola scheme, this 118-inch-span racer can really put on a show with its 300cc Moki 5-cylinder radial engine! Built from the Airworld kit, the model depicts the R3 version of the famous Gee Bees, which actually never left the drawing board. It’s a beauty! Thanks to Dean and Pete Coxon for filming this terrific video at the Weston Park RC Model Aircraft Show in Shropshire, England, last weekend. We think the Granville brothers would have been proud!


  1. The G-B would have looked much better with a pilot figure and a cockpit resembling what the original would have looked like instead of that large unfinished opening!

  2. A phenomenal creation, requiring tremendous skill and effort, and all Brian Templeton can do is criticize the lack of a pilot figure?

  3. The plane is cool, but no pilot figure, no class. will not even watch the video without a pilot figure in the plane. Who wants to see a plane with no pilot. Even my eight year old grandson said, Who ever saw an airplane fly itself.

    1. “Who ever saw an airplane fly itself “—–Yes , and who ever saw a car drive itself and then park itself —go wonder !

  4. Silly comments.
    Wonderful build and color scheme

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