Build a 3D-Printed RC Plane

Build a 3D-Printed RC Plane
Follow along with Youtuber KendinYap as he builds a 3D-printed RC plane. In this video, he takes you through the step-by-step process of piecing the plane together and installing a glow engine. If you want to get into 3D-printing planes, KendinYap is a great YouTube channel to follow as also includes links to his plans and 3D printing files!
Updated: August 4, 2023 — 11:26 AM


  1. Plans are $28, not free. Looks like a nice build and it will be interesting to see how it holds up to glow fuel.

    1. Hi Bill — appreciate the heads up. These were free when we first made the post, but as you point out that is no longer the case. If you build this plane, please consider sending a photo to for Pilot Projects!

      1. I don’t really understand. I received an e-mail from MAN at 9:03am today saying “Build a 3-D Printed RC Plane (using free plans!)” and nine minutes later you say they are no longer free? Seems like they should continue to be free at least for a while.

        1. Hi Pat – we actually shared this video to the website last week, and the plans were free then. We added the post to this week’s newsletter, and an alert reader notified us this morning that the plans are unfortunately no longer free and so we updated the post. The video we shared is from an independent YouTube channel and we can’t stop them from trying to make some money. We certainly would not have highlighted “free plan!” in the newsletter if we had known they were no longer free!

  2. Looks like a fun and easy project. I don’t have a 3D printer. Anyone selling a printed one as a kit?

  3. While the plane is great looking and smooth flying, the ground prep could use some safety additions.

    If you count all the tasks required in the starting and check out of a gas-powered model airplane, it is a lot to ask of one person with just two hands. Where is your flying buddy when you need them?????

    Your right hand is holding the plane steady, while your other hand is doing everything else, and there is a lot to do! If your mind wanders slightly, gets distracted, while your multitasking left hand is doing all these activities, you might inadvertently relax your right hand grip and the plane zings right at you. And with your transmitter in the path, the prop will chop a nasty hole in that as well as anything else in the way.

    So here is an alternative ground prep for you to think about. Take along a buddy whose only job is to firmly hold the plane while you are fiddling with all the details of engine starting. And with the exception of the electric starter procedure, do not put yourself or anything else in front of the plane.

    Lacking the assistance of a flying buddy, rig up a sturdy method of roping down the model airplane to a substantial stake with the other end of the rope firmly tied to the model airplane with some form of quick-release when you, the plane, and your transmitter are checked out for roll out and takeoff.

    Happy flying!!!

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