1. I can’t imagine how these things would survive a crash. I would think they would be very brittle.

    1. Jim Slaughter….yes, just like balsa!

      My 3d printed 80″ wingspan Corsair is going strong after several years. The secret…don’t crash. https://youtu.be/dlrnt5WhwDo

    2. From my experience the survivability depends on the design to a large degree. I have printed and flown a variety of RC models. Some were bad designs that broke easily, others were very robust and stood up to the usual loops, rolls, bumps, knocks and dodgy landings. 3D printing a successful RC plane takes a bit of tweaking of the printer settings to get it right. And from bitter experience you should always strengthen the wings with a carbon spar or similar in my opinion. So it may not be for everyone, but for me it gives me the opportunity to create new models at very low cost.

    3. Not as much as you might think using the right materials.

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