Model Airplane Workshop Tips

Model Airplane Workshop Tips

These easy workshop tips are guaranteed to make your modeling time easier. Have a tip of your own? Send it to and you might even see it published in the magazine! (And we’ll send you a free Digital Download of your choice!)



Easy Epoxy Remover
Sometimes there is a real need to separate two parts that are epoxied together such as after a crash when you need to glue them back together. One of the easiest ways to separate the epoxy from the wood is to use a heat gun like the one used for shrink covering. Just head up the epoxy with the gun and then loosen it by using a scribe or small screwdriver to remove it from the wood. If you have heat-shrink covering on the other side of the wood, use a wet cloth sponge up against it to keep that cool while heating up the other side.



Cutting corners on patch jobs
When using MonoKote or UltraCote to repair rips and punctures in model coverings, start by cutting a round or oval patch repair piece. This will help to keep the corners from lifting off later on. Leave one corner square to help peel off the backing with a razor blade or hobby knife, then round it before applying the patch to the repairs.

Saved By the Bowl
When you’re working on a project with a lot of small screws, nuts, etc., do so over a small 4- or 8-inch-diameter magnetic bowl (available in car parts stores or Harbor Freight). Ifyou accidentally drop these small parts, they’ll fall right into the bowl and not on the floor, where they are never to be seen again.


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Handy Hinge Glue Spreader
Many of today’s 3D foamie airplanes utilize contact adhesive as a hinge material. Spreading the glue can be a messy job. A single-edged razor blade makes an excellent spreading tool but sometimes it can be difficult to use in tight places. By attaching a wooden clothespin to the razor blade, it’s easier to get into tight spots and create a nice clean hinge line.

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