40% Aluminum DHC-2 Beaver

40% Aluminum DHC-2 Beaver

Would you believe over 2,000 rivets hold this beautiful airframe together? Just like its full-size big brother, this 230-inch-span scale aircraft has aluminum sheet covering. A Moki 420cc 5-cylinder radial engine spinning a custom 40-inch prop lets it fly at speeds of up to 60mph. Thanks to Pete and Dean Coxon for filming this giant at the LMA Airshow at Cosford, UK!

Updated: September 6, 2018 — 4:43 PM


  1. Pretty cool stuff! Pilot could possibly get more power on takeoff with a flatter prop to develop more RPM. Or maybe just a bigger prop all together. Almost pulled it off “green” the 2nd time! But very nice Beaver, for sure.

    1. It would also be a great idea to use partial flaps on takeoff with that monster.

      1. Flaps for sure Sweet plane nice job.

  2. At my home airfield we have a lot of r/c pilots that have expert building skill and money as long as train smoke but with very limited talent on the sticks. Looks like the guy would fit in perfectly there.

    1. Totally agree, looks like all his talent is in building cause he cant fly very well! Could at least use flaps on landing to slow it down a bit too…

  3. Nice representation of a fine historic and iconic Canadian aircraft…..The build is phenominal,and the pilot needs a little slack on his takeoffs and landings as the wind was definitelly a factor here..

  4. That’s not a Moki… it’s a Valach engine.

  5. Beautiful airplane, but yet another example of a large sized, non-aerobatic, scale model that can only fly in circles or racetrack patterns. Doesn’t it get boring after a few circuits around the field?

    1. Not really, I could spend hours just circling shooting touch a goes. I guess it all depends on you.

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