60% Bucker Jungmeister

60% Bucker Jungmeister

Wolfgang Rossegger’s 60% scale “Liesel Bach” is a scratch-built project that’s powered by a Moki 400cc engine. The 13-foot-span model weighs around 138 pounds.  This great video combines a picture perfect flight with footage taken from the plane’s wing; thanks to RCGiantScalePlanes for posting this on YouTube. You may notice a “knocking” sound from the engine at the end of the flight; an engine manifold fell off but this didn’t affect the landing.

Updated: August 3, 2015 — 11:09 AM


  1. That is real nice. Bravo!

  2. Excellent display. Thanks for sharing

  3. Nice to see this in flight video footage. we saw this airplane earlier with out the footage! Amazing, and the Moki 400 radial sounds awesome.

  4. great job stable and predictible paths!!

  5. Make it 40% larger and I’ll fly it!

  6. Simply stunning……I can only dream of a model like that. Thanks for sharing the video

  7. Really good job especially with the double shots. The pilot looked like he was grinning every now and then. Camera was pretty steady to have been on the wing tip.
    Keep -um coming.

  8. Looks and flys fantastic, like the real deal.

  9. Quality production!!!!

  10. Wonderful video…can’t wait for the season to start here and get my 33% in the air again!!

  11. Great achievement well done.

  12. Great to see your Bucker Jungmeister in flight.
    I have a 30% one hanging in my basement – ( Man Cave ) about 1/2 finished.
    Your video makes me want to get back to it.

  13. Great job excellent flying……Check out my Dayman engine falls off maiden flight

  14. Great video. If the owner could add some random head turning to the pilot it could pass for the real thing.

  15. What cool planes. This is fantastic. The Jungmeister looks so real. Hats off to you. Thank you.

  16. heartwarming to look at in this winter cold, keep-em coming


  17. Excelent the quality of the models !
    Congratulations for everybody.
    W. Rady
    Museum “Wings of a Dream “( Brasil )>> http://www.museutam.com.br

  18. realy good a joy to watch thank you

  19. fantastic !

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