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Monster 62% Scale Stearman PT-17

Monster 62% Scale Stearman PT-17

Is this the largest RC Biplane in the world?

We are always impressed and pleasantly surprised by the talented modelers from around the world who push the boundaries of our hobby. The most recent addition to the monster scale league is from designer and builder Frans Tanghe from the Netherlands with his stupendous 62% scale Stearman PT-17.


With a wingspan of 19.85 feet, his Kadet primary trainer biplane is 15 feet long and weighs 253 pounds and is built like a cross between a giant RC model and an ultralight experimental aircraft. It features heavy duty shock absorbing landing gear and is powered with a Valach Motors 800cc radial engine swings an impressive 48-inch propeller. Turning at 3,800 rpm it producing a whooping 45 horse power.



The video is courtsey of YouTube/Stephan Eich.


Updated: April 1, 2020 — 4:30 PM


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  1. Pilot is too small, nice plane though…

  2. Agree that the pilot is far too small. Wheels are small also. The airplane is a nice achievement, but lacks character. It’s just a big plane, no soul. Well, aside from the magnificent sound of that radial engine.

  3. The only comment I have is to be scale the Pilot should be in the back cockpit as the Stearman is only flown from the back solo. Otherwise beautiful model.

  4. What a gorgeous example and tribute to aviation history. It is confusing that he modeled a little baby in the seat, and used little tiny wheels. Welk done though!

  5. Beautiful plane but pilot should be larger an in rear cockpit

  6. Amazing, but I would have paid him twice the price to make it full scale, out of plywood, and I would go find a Rotax engine for it, and fly it myself. What a labor of love. Very well done

  7. ein traum vird vahr….a dream into reality

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