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68% Volksplane VP1 Flys at Kingston Ont

Dave Emptage 68% Volksplane


Dave Emptage 68% Volksplane

Dave Emptage flying 68% Volksplane in Kingston June 18 2011

Wow ! This is big.

Dave Emptage from Kitchener Ont Canada drove up too Kingston
Ont for the Fathers Day Fun/Fly and flew his 68% Volksplane during
the open flying part of the event!  The model weight is 74lbs and has
210cc twin cylinder motor.  Prop was on the small size to help break
motor in.  Prop was going supersonic during loops and rolls – This
plane flew like a giant trainer what a pussycat!  Dave said he followed
the full scale plans exactly only at 68% almost everything was bought
at a hardware store not a hobby shop.  Have fun getting that back into
the basement Dave!


Updated: January 26, 2012 — 1:25 PM

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  1. A thing of wonder.

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