7-Cylinder Father’s Day Gift!

7-Cylinder Father’s Day Gift!

7-Cyl 77cc 4-Stroke Glow Radial Engine from Evolution

Did any of you see these at Toledo? I think these new Indian-Made Seidel clones are stunning engines. What I hear is they still offer solid performance and reliability and the 7 -Cylinder 77cc is designed for larger models. I have been looking for an excuse to build another Ziroli PT-17 and I did a little investigating. First I got a 3-view of a standard Stearman PT-17 Kadet and imported it into my CAD program. I did a quick trace and then enlarged the drawing wingspan to 77 inches! I then measured the radial engine on the drawing and do you know what its diameter was? 9.1 inches! Exactly the same size at the 77cc Evolution 7=cylinder radial engine! OK now we’re talking. I had an old OS radial years ago and it was more expensive than the $1299.oo Horizon Hobby is asking… Man! Now I have to combine all my presents for Father’s Day, my birthday, Anniversary and Christmas. Do you think it’s worth it? Hmmmm! Maybe. What do you think?

Key Features

  • Cylinder head and crank cases produced from aircraft grade alloys
  • Heavy duty double bearing crankshaft
  • Billet aluminum pistons and hardened steel rings
  • Hard chromed and lapped cylinder bores
  • Hardened steel cams
  • Carburetor jet valve incorporating of latest design with a split opening for smooth acceleration
  • Zero percent or low nitro (5-10%) fuel with low oil content (5-7% oil/fuel ratio)


Updated: July 16, 2015 — 3:20 PM

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  1. That will make it a real nice gift … good luck !

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