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Indoor 8-foot-span A-10

Indoor 8-foot-span A-10
You wouldn’t think an 8-foot-span aircraft could easily navigate an indoor flying venue, but pilot Daniel Hör makes it look easy with this A-10 Thunderbolt II! Powered by two Electro Accu ducted fans using a 4S 1200mAh LiPo pack, the Depron foam plane uses 12 servos and is equipped with an onboard camera. At 1:30 into the video, the big jet slows down to an unbelievably slow pace! Thanks to RC Media World for taking this video at the Modell-Hobby-Spiel in Leipzig, Germany.

Updated: August 8, 2018 — 10:50 AM


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  1. Very cool, smooth flight great handling of this piglet very impressed in Wisconsin USA…

  2. The indoor flying was impressive, but the dirty slow-flying was amazing! Great work!

    1. Exactly what I observed – so much more stable with flaps deployed.
      Mow – what I’d like to see flying is the big red triplane that was on camera a few times!

  3. makes it “look” easy.. cool plane and nice flying!!

  4. It has some amount of helim gas inside???It seems like a ballom…

    1. I mean “helium” gas…..

      1. No helium, it’s made of very light foam the size allows it to fly at extremely low speed. It looks easy to fly because it is. They are enjoyable and relaxing to fly.

  5. Remarkable achievement! Encouraging to see modelers and innovators are alive and well somewhere in the world!

  6. I want one……………….

  7. How much does it weight? It does not move in a quite characteristic way.

  8. Pity about the poor taste with the background music

  9. It looks like there is helium gas inside to keep it flying so slow.

  10. Owsome
    Agreed with the bad background music

  11. I know what I am adding to my Christmas list

  12. What a show, great performance by both the plane & pilot .

  13. Would love to know who made/has the kit.. awesome plane!

  14. That is one great plane, mind you I loaded weapons on the real one. But to fly one that big, and that slow is awesome

  15. Funtastic!!!!

  16. Excelente stability

  17. Is it true he has helium cells inside the wing and fuselage? How else can a large 8 foot wingspan plane take off in just 3 feet?

  18. Is it true he has helium cells inside the wing and fuselage? How else do you explain a large 8 foot wingspan plane taking off in just 3 feet?

    1. He took off with full flaps. Made for a very short take off run.

  19. Where does this take place? Is it a competition? Would love to see the Fokker DR1 fly too!

    ( is a NFP site I created and operate for fun and to help other Indiana RC modelers. It’s been up about 10 years now.

  20. That was amazing, where can I buy one of those!

  21. Incredibly nice flight.Congratulations.

  22. A virtual ballet. Whatta show. Loved the functional realism of the flaps. Sure was surprised to see landing gear pop out!

  23. What a great model! Seems like the largest and most innovative models are coming out out Europe these days. It would be great to see this plane fly outdoors. One problem with model planes is that they don’t fly at “scale speeds” because of the “scale effect”. But this ultra-lightweight model could fly at speeds that would truly reflect a scale appearance in flight and when landing.

  24. I think it would be great if someone from the Model Airplane News staff would attempt to contact the pilot and find out if there are plans for this A-10, or if it comes in a kit. I think it would make a great future build article for the magazine.

    Great video!! And as the A-10 is a proven warrior, the music fits perfectly.

  25. I would like a kit or plans. My favorite war bird

  26. I couldn’t watch the A-10 fly for some reason I keep getting a error. Where can I purchase one of there warthogs??

  27. Yes, please let us know where you can purchase this great A-10 indoor model. Radio and electrics.
    What a great flight I loved it.

  28. 1. YES! I want one.

    2. I don’t even know what the backing music is; too busy watching with jaw on floor.

    3. why are the posts so old (November 2016) in such a recent article?

  29. I would like to know who makes this kit.

  30. Does anyone know where I might see or read about the building of these large slow flyers?

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