Big Blast from the Past — Bücker Jungmeister

Big Blast from the Past — Bücker Jungmeister
Who remembers this one? If you like giant scale, check out Helmut Müller’s 85% scratch-built Bücker, it looks like it could carry a small person! Without FAA restrictions, this European Biplane has a 17.5-foot-span, weighs in at 286 pounds and is powered by a Hirth 521cc 2-stroke (ultralight engine) turning a Fiala 60 x 20 wood propeller. The model uses industrial-quality Tonegawa Seiko servos, a redundant radio system and a dual-ignition starter. Helmut glued and sewed the Seconite covering (like that used on some man-carrying planes) that replicates the plane that Romanian captain Alex Papana flew at the Olympic Games in 1936 (the first and last time that flying was an Olympic sport). Thanks go  to YouTube’s RCScaleAirplanes for sharing this great footage from the ICARE Airmeet in Rohrback Les Bitche in France.



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  2. Oh yeah!!! Grinning ear to ear watching a gorgeous plane being flown scale!! Great rolling circle and other period aerobatics!! My kids now want one!

  3. The reasons to build a model this big escapes me. Can be very dangerous if engine or radio malfunctions. I know if someone wants to build something this big its their choice, but when is a model no longer a model? Just my thoughts……………..anyone else?

    1. Well I have seen a plane that has only a 4 foot wing with a .46 engine go through a metal roof so the small one can be just as bad.

  4. That’s amazing. There is a full scale pilot where I fly that had a full size home built Baby Great Lakes Biplane that was about the same size. I believed it had a 16 foot span, so the model is bigger!

  5. that is brilliant and what a craftsman well done beautiful camera work and sounds 100% would love to see it in australia thankyou for posting it alan griffiths

  6. Very nice model, however the covering is called Ceconite.

  7. That’s a masterpiece! Nice job. You should of made it into a piloted aircraft at that size. I myself am building an ultralight based on a yak design, it’s going to be a single seater powered by a rotax twin with 130hp. I prefer to be in the air, but I do enjoy these giant scale Rc aircrafts. It’s truly amazing. Excellent craftsmanship!!

  8. How about an article series that would teach us how to select and assemble the RC system components to fly giant scale, or even beautiful monsters like this Bucker. Using this Bucker as the subject, how about a detailed highlight article about its inner workings. There are may who have that talent already, and many more of us who would like to learn as well. Kudos to Helmut Mueller for his outstanding project.

  9. Rolling circle? Very nice!

  10. When one of these monster ”models” lands in a crowd, our hobby is going to suffer. It is getting out of hand. If you want to fly full size, just go get a license and do it. FPV flying has caused our hobby enough grief with the FAA now breathing down on our hobby. Bigger and bigger models will soon start causing more problems we don’t need from the FAA…

  11. Fortunately day this model resides in France. I’m sure we have our share of “big” models here.

  12. Fantastic flight and accomplishment !

  13. Absolutely beautiful flying! But, I too have reservations about the size. At full size airshows they’re is something like a 500 foot separation between the closest flight line and the crowd. Most model air parks are set up with much less than that. It is not possible to tell how close this UAV (too big to be called a model) was to the crowd, due to the camera zoom, but I would be looking for some close cover to duck under just in case something did go wrong.

  14. Very cool indeed! Nice to see an RC Scale pilot not afraid to fly his plane. Most would just fly in circles. He displayed an excellent show..

  15. I agree with poster “day” a 100% on this matter. These giant scale models are truly a work of art, but one mishap and people are killed not just injured. I fly full scale manned aircrafts and looking down on an Rc model sure looks like the real thing, especially the giant scale ones.
    It really confuses a pilot since we communicate up in the airways and when we see an aircraft without any radio feedback worries us greatly.
    One of these days the FAA will step in and flying any one of these Rc aircrafts will be a huge hassle. Trust me when I say they are being very lenient at the moment. When stepping up to this size of model one is better of going full scale and doing the real thing. It’s much safer for everyone and in my opinion more enjoyable. This is just my opinion on the matter and in no way disrespecting the modeller. I know when I see any Rc model show up at my flying field larger than 90″ I pack up and go home, just don’t feel safe with something buzzing over my head that’s controlled by radio frequency and held together with glue.


  17. Wow! Beautiful build job! But, as several have mentioned, one this big can ultimately hurt our RC status. This size belongs in a separate category, and well away from the majority of RC flyers.

  18. Great achievement but once a “model” gets so big what’s the point? May as well gear up a full scale plane and fly it from the ground.

  19. Its a nice plane,. safety comments are somewhat warranted but generally each country has strict regs covering the build and operation of large scale models.
    Brad should be aware the FAA and its counterparts Do indeed vet these planes .
    There is far more danger of an incident in a non club person buying off ebay and flying across a crowded freeway.

    Pilots of ‘real” size aircraft are aware of flight ceilings and location hazards yet a few still buzz model strips far too low, that is a more prevalent issue.

  20. Question – WHY go to all this trouble and great expense and only build it 85% instead of just another 15% and have a real plane to fly in??? Sounds kinda dumb to me, cause I fly real planes and model ones (that are < 50%).

  21. Generally airplane modelers are afraid of flying. With the same effort they could have built a full scale Bücker and have some real fun with it. That;s what I think.

  22. been reading MAN for years–enjoy it much—-keep up the good work–BHW

  23. How can I contact Mr. Müller? Can you give me his e-mail address please?

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