A Main Hobbies ProTek R/C “Supreme Power” 45C Li-Poly Battery Packs

A Main Hobbies ProTek R/C “Supreme Power” 45C Li-Poly Battery Packs

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A Main Hobbies now has a new line of ProTek R/C brand Lithium Polymer power battery packs for radio controlled airplanes and helicopters. These battery packs have a 45C constant discharge rate. Like all Lithium batteries these packs can be charged hours or days ahead of time and may be used and recharged limitless times per day.

The packs come with a Deans style T-plug installed. The balance adapter included is an Align/E-Flite style XH balance connector. The packs are available in multiple configurations from 3S for small planes and 450-size helicopters to large 6S packs for larger planes and 600-class electric helicopters.

2C Maximum Charge Rate!

This battery pack is designed to be safely charged at 2C, twice the normal 1C charge rate required for most Li-Poly battery packs. With a 2C charge rate, these battery packs can be fully charged in about half the time it will take to complete a 1C charge.

The batteries will sell with a price ranging from $59.99 to $229.99.

CRASH Protection Guarantee!

This battery pack is covered by the ProTek R/C manufacturer “Crash Protection Guarantee”! If you crash your aircraft badly enough to damage the battery pack, you can send the damaged battery pack back to ProTek R/C and purchase a replacement battery for 50% off the regular sale price!

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 9:49 AM
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