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A True Craftsman!

A True Craftsman!

Hawaii resident Young Park  creates true scale masterpieces out of aluminum. Each aircraft is meticulously crafted, with functional cables and controls and painstaking scale details. Mr. Park generously donated his first (cutaway) Corsair model to the Joe Martin Foundation. It can be seen in its display at the Foundation’s museum in the Sherline building in Vista, California. A collection of photos showing how the model was built and all the historical data on the Corsair Mr. Park collected to build it has also been donated and is available for viewing. In 2005, Mr. Park also donated the second Corsair and it is also on display in the Foundation’s museum.


Updated: June 20, 2012 — 11:00 AM


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  1. These masterpieces leave me speachless.

    I spend 40 years of building scale airplane models just to realise at this very moment I am still in Kindergarden level.

    Mr. Young Park receives all my respect, and my vote for Aviation Modeller of the Century!

  2. I remember seeing his work published some time ago, over a year and posted it on our company’s bulletin board.

    Mr. Park is indeed assume!

    For more complete detail check the following link which has the story not just photos.


  3. Yes, I did mean to type Awesome……. Thought I better not assume you all knew that. (;

  4. To be able to build such a masterpiece Mr. Park must certainly had to have reference material such as the original microfilm engineering drawings of the actual plane, as well as the Tech Order that was published for the Corsair. It also goes without saying that the man has the skills of a modern Leonardo Da Vinci.
    There is as well, another gentleman whose first name is Guillermo who is up at the same level of craftsmanship and has had many publications spotlighting him. He crafted a model at 1″ to 1′ scale of Charles Older’s P-40B Tomahawk that has to be seen to be believed.

  5. WOW! Absolutely incredible. Extreme detail is one thing, but there are NO words to explain the detail he puts into those masterpieces.
    “PROPS”, no pun intended(ok yes there is), to Mr.Park.

  6. Joey Reinleib is correct, the man’s name is Guillermo Rojas Bazan and he hand crafts models using no power tools according to the website. Here’s the link for YouTube videos, you just have to listen to some music.



  7. I love it , I would love to purchace such a beautifully build model. I admire his skills.

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