A Warthog on Skis!

A Warthog on Skis!

My Canadian friend Jean Tardif send this video of his A-10 Thunderbolt flying off snow skis. I told him he is obviously having too much fun and that his aircraft is the first A-10 I’ve even seen on skis. Watch the clip … bet you can’t help but smile!

Jean has since told me more about the plane:

Hi Debra  There the description of the A-10 from Nitro plane, this one build made from balsa and plywood and fiberglass , i use HET- 70 mm fan with two Mega 1625/2 motor and  5S-5000 LiPo, could handel 6 also,. this warthog have 60 in., wing span and flying weight is 7 pounds . For the winter season I have fun with this special jet model exclusive on top turbine motor so made very easy to take off on snow  with-out inhale any snow especially in powder condition , verry pleasant to handle on snow with is both rudder easy to keep strait tracking for take off, because of is low level with skis equiped  this almost no drag effect on this model with verry good handling on is skis, in the air  no bad habit very nice glide envelope for landing approach speed. Thanks   Jean


Updated: June 1, 2015 — 10:29 AM

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