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Model Airplane News is the #1 RC aircraft magazine. More readers trust Model Airplane News to provide them with the latest information and newest product reviews than any other RC publication. Published by Air Age Media, the largest multi-media company dedicated to enthusiasts of radio-control planes, helicopters, cars and boats, aviation and diecast collecting, Model Airplane News is distributed around the world. With its network of six category-leading magazines plus special issues, books, DVDs, 10 websites, The Radio Control Show (a weekly web broadcast) and RCX, the world’s largest radio control expo, Air Age Media reaches more than one million pilots, drivers, and collectors.


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  1. My Dad has been reading Model Airplane News since the 30’s, and has them all. I have a short article about his Pitt’s Special model he built in 1951 and still has which I would like to submit to your magazine. I’ll post it on one of my airplane project blogs so you can take a look at it. He’s 93 and still building models every day. It would be such a treat for him to see it published in the magazine.




  2. Re Model Airplane News (August, 2017)
    Two comments:
    In the “Tips &
    The notes on heating epoxy to use, making it easier to mix. It
    is important not only to heat Epoxy to mix
    easier, it is important to
    maintain at least 70 to 90 degrees during the curing process (5 minute epoxy
    heats itself). If heat is not maintained, the curing process will be poor
    (brittle results), or it may not cure at
    Second comment:
    “balancing propellers” (By Gary Yarrish). It needs to be
    noted that an unbalanced propeller not only stress the internal parts of a glow
    engine, and the physical structure of the model, vibration from an unbalanced
    propeller will shorten the life of radio servos and batteries.

    Thanks. Robert Hixson.
    (Long time reader of your excellent

  3. Small ferrous screws, nuts, bolts and other pieces can easily be lost when working on any RPV. Consider doing your work in a shallow pan like the kind used for baking cookies. Working over a MAGNETIC VENT COVER like:


    should help prevent you from loosing iron-containing parts.

  4. How to contact a writer of one of the articles in the Model airplane news magazines?

  5. The T-33 is nice looking with 2 exceptions. It didn’t have an after burner and wheels aren’t scale.

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