Accutec RB126 Balancer from MRC

Accutec RB126 Balancer from MRC























MRC Accutec RB126 Balancer

Using MRC’s proprietary technology, the Accutec RB126 Balancer will precisely test and balance a 2-6-cell battery pack prior to, during or after battery use, to optimize and determine the health of individual cells within the pack.

This latest breakthrough in MRC’s complete line of battery charging and conditioning equipment for R/C hobbyists is specifically designed to balance the individual cells that make up Lithium-based battery packs used in model aircraft, helicopters, ground vehicles and radio control equipment.

Using a high resolution AD converter, the accuracy of the Accutec RB126 is unsurpassed by the competition. Connected to MRC’s Super Brain 989, Super Brain 977 (or any other) non-balancing Lithium capable charger, the Accutec RB126 will ensure the most precise charging and matching of individual battery pack cells, enabling maximum performance and life from each battery pack. Six LEDs display cell condition during use. The Accutec RB126 can be used at any time to check the pack balance without the need of a charger or additional equipment.

Measuring just 1-7/8”x 7/8”, this diminutive balancer is also equipped with a computer interface. Download MRC’s specially designed FREE software*, to graphically display individual cell and overall pack condition during charging, balancing, and discharging.

The easy to use software works with all versions of Windows® giving the hobbyist a realtime display of individual cell voltage and total pack voltage during battery charging and discharging. With individual color coding for each cell, you track the total health of the pack and can even visually check individual cell performance when a load is applied to the battery.

The Accutec RB126 is equipped with standard XH spaced balance connector pins used with Align, E-Flight, Electrifly, RFI, Venom, Tenergy and other popular LiPo batteries.

*Computer Interface cable sold separately


Updated: July 16, 2015 — 10:16 AM
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