ACE RC TG 6100M Heading Lock Gyro & E-CCPM Mixer

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TG 6100M Heading Lock Gyro &

E-CCPM Mixer


The TG-6100m is a high performance heading lock gyro and E-CCPM Mixer. Use of the latest Piezoelectric Vibrating Gyroscope sensor eliminates the need for rudder trim changes in flight and provides unmatched performance. With the added feature of E-CCPM (Electronic-Cyclic Collective Pitch Mixing)for use with any 4 channel airplane radio. Now E-CCPM is affordable and available with Futaba, JR, Hitec and Ace R/C radios that have been previously designed for airplane use only.


This is the perfect solution for micro electric powered R/C helicopters. For beginners, it will greatly reduce the learning process; while providing access to new E-CCPM type helicopters without the need to purchase a new radio system.




        Heading lock mode

        Piezoelectric Vibrating Gyroscope

        Remote-controlled gain

        End point adjustment

        Simple wire connector for easy installation

        Small and light weight



Item                             TTRAQ0843

Product Name            TG6100M Heading Lock Gyro


TG6100M Heading Lock Gyro & E-CCPM Mixer


MAP: $60.99


Available: End of May


Control                        Digital Proportional Integration Control

Sensor                        Piezoelectric Vibrating Gyroscope

Voltage                        DC 4.8~6.V

Operation Temp.        -5 ~ 50n'”> 

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