AeroBroach Hinge Slotting Tool

AeroBroach Hinge Slotting Tool

The editors have used and reviewed a lot of tools and accessories over the years and some work so well, they end up on the editor’s workbench to be used over and over again. The AeroBroach hinge slot cutting set is one of them.

Available in three sizes, each slotting broach is a pre-determined thickness to make the correct slot width for the type of hinge being installed. The “CA” broach is designed for use with the CA type hinges, the “60” broach designed for use with the standard pre-pinned hinges such as Du-Bro #116 for  .60-size airplanes, and the “1/4-inch” broach intended for giant scale heavy-duty, two-piece plastic pinned hinges such as Du-Bro #257.



What we like:

Precision manufacture

Creates hinge slots of the proper width and depth

Doesn’t split the wood

Cleans out the slot so the hinge will slide in easily

Work quick and easy


Each broach has been designed to penetrate the grain and roll the wood fibers downward  – putting it in tension –  so that it can be easily sheared by the serrated teeth as the broach progresses through the control surface leading edge. Each broach is a pre-determined thickness to generate the correct slot width for the type of hinge you want to install. The finished slot length provides a little bit of lateral adjustment while installing the hinge to fine tune the alignment with the mating control surface during final assembly.

A set of three sizes is only $17.95.

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