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AeroWorks P-51 converted over to a Red Tail Tuskegee Fighter; Part 2

AeroWorks P-51 converted over to a Red Tail Tuskegee Fighter; Part 2

Are you looking to do a little ARF kit bashing?  Check out what I did to the AeroWorks P-51 in this how-to video on my conversion from the Excalibur Mustang to the Tuskegee Red Tailed Mustang.  I show you how to use easily available material to do cosmetic surgery and create the plane design you want.  The best part is you will have little time and money invested in the conversion.  Check out Part 2 below:

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Updated: July 15, 2015 — 3:20 PM
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  1. Looking good John! Great technique!

  2. Great job John! Enjoyed the video. Thanks for all the Tuskegee Airmen info.

  3. Hi, You did a real nice job of converting the P-51 to the Red Tail colors.
    What is amazing is that no body planned to have a RED TAILED bird ready for the showing of the film. Now the film has been talked about for almost two years and finally opened in January 2012. Now that was plenty of time for paint conversions on a kit like what you bought from Aero Works. There are a lot of fomy P-51’s out there and some are very good and I am really supprised that someone like Banana Hobby, Nitro Planes, or Easy Tiger didn’t jump on this opertunity. I know I would have bought one myself.

  4. I am haveing some one convert a P-51 for and just happened to find your video, very nice work. My question is where did you find the pilot? He looks just loike me. Black pilots are hard to find. please send a link thank you.

  5. That is an old G.I. Joe doll, you have to find them on e-bay. Search for G.I. Joe Tuskegee

  6. How much would you charge someone to for a complete finish redtail p51
    with the same radio and engine you have?


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