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Aileron Differential – how to use it

Aileron Differential – how to use it

For years, before the advent of computer radios, modelers often used offset servo output arms and bellcranks to achieve differential aileron movement. Today, by plugging in the aileron servos to different channels and using the aileron differential program menu in your computer radio,  you can  greatly simplify the setup task for this. But how do you know if your plane needs it and how do you set the correct amount?  Jason Benson gives us the answers in this video explaining what aileron differential does and how to test it.

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Updated: July 27, 2015 — 12:29 PM
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  1. Is there a book detailing useful tips on setting up an airplane like this?
    Very informative!

  2. Yes, you sure do help us out. Thanks for your video. I read about this stuff in my Hitec manual, and try to use all of it. But it’s also nice to see it actually performed, as well as the results, to gain a better understanding before we head-out to the field. By all means…keep ’em comin’!!

  3. The vide on on Aileron Differential would not open. Any suggestions?

  4. thee is no video

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