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Model Airplane Air Superiority in Action!

Model Airplane Air Superiority in Action!

Check out this 1/6-scale F-16 Fighting Falcon put on a show at the Long Marston Airfield in England during the Jet Modellers Association Meet. Flying in 20mph winds, pilot and builder ...

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  1. Whoa! Beautiful model of one of the most functionally beautiful aircraft ever flown. Anybody clock it? Very realistic ground handling, and Steve Johnson really wrung it out in the air. Love the noise.

  2. My names Steve Haughty not Steve Johnson.

    1. Thanks for the correction!

  3. This was a treat to watch. I really enjoyed watching you put yourself through the “rigors of aerial flight”. It looks as if you’re having a ball just seeing just how far you can push yourself.
    Thanks again for the posting and for making me smile. Come back soon.

  4. When the F-16 taxies out for take and then takes off it has weapons under the wings. Some shots of it in flight it doesn’t have any weapons.

  5. Nice…!! but I’ve got 3 of this Raptors…and they were in flying formation…!! Ha, ha, ha!

  6. Wow, beautiful bird and the detail, and performance is just overwhelming!!! The aircraft should display that it is a National Guard of the Arkansas Air National Guard. At first one would think that Ft. Smith (Army)troops are now flying Air Force aircraft (what a frightening thought!) Beautiful craft, correct colors, and authentic sound are just SUPER!!

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