A birds-eye-view of Hungary!

A birds-eye-view of Hungary!

The season has eventually started.

After a long cold winter it is always a great feeling to  spend afternoons again on the field. It’s time to rehash the planes, make the necessary maintenance, recharge the batteries and all get started.

Once we are there we can exercise our favourite type. Doesn’t matter it is 3D, scale, soaring, or speed flying, the point is the feeling. One of the specialization could be filming which is a great fun! For me it’s always heart warming to see my footage in wintertime shot in different places. If we have a bit of soul for it we can make them to be enjoyable by others too.

Here is an example with footage from Hungary squeezed in 5 minutes. Enjoy, and don’t forget to  push a “like” it if you really like it.



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