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After more than a year of development, Airtronics is now releasing its newest digital servo, the 94780M. This servo truly leads the industry with the highest rated torque of any standard servo we could find on the market today.


The servo case has a metal middle section for strength and cooling, the servo is held together with 6 screws instead of the normal 4 to prevent warping under stress, and internally, the gears are supported on shaft with brass plain-bearings built into the case to hold them straight and true. The gear train is all metal and the output is double ball bearing supported.


The “M” in the name is the Airtronics abbreviation for “all metal gears”

but it could stand for “Monster” because this servo truly has Monster-Torque! The 94780M produces an industry leading amount of torque for a standard size servo at 423 oz/in (with 6.0V). Our test servos have been cycled more than 50,000 times pulling various weights of 100 ounces or more through their entire 60 degree movement. This servo is proving to have amazing longevity as well as amazing holding power. It will suspend a

6 pound weight, at any position in its travel, and will hold it precisely with no fade indefinitely. Most standard size servos will not even move 6 pounds!


Perhaps more amazing than the weight is the speed. This servo was not simply re-geared to get the higher torque! It’s rated speed is still .15 seconds/60 degrees of travel @ 6.0V making it as fast or faster than most other 300+ oz/in servos from competing brands.


This servo is an industry leading digital servo in price as well. Most companies now use some sort of “suggested street price”. Comparitively, our competition has an “ssp” of anywhere from $125 to $150 and this is for servos that are the same speed yet with less torque! When we designed this servo, we not only made sure it had industry leading power, longevity, and service-ability, we also made sure it had an Industry Leading Low Price!

That’s right, the SSP on this servo is only $119.99 making it 5 to 25% LOWER than our competition.


Get Airtronics, Get the Advantage.


Published Specifications:

Weight: 2.33 oz – 66 grams

Dimensions: 1.6x.83×1.5 in – 4.06×2.11×3.81 cm

Torque: 361 in-oz/26 cm-Kg @ 4.8V; 423 in-oz/30.5 cm-Kg @6.0V

Speed: .19s/60 degrees @ 4.8V; .15s/60 degrees @ 6.0V






Updated: August 20, 2008 — 10:00 AM
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