Alien Aircraft Extra 300 — Build-Along Part 2

Alien Aircraft Extra 300 — Build-Along Part 2

This online build-along of the new Alien Aircraft Extra 300 is brought to us from the workbench of MAN contributor Robert Labriola of the Central Connecticut RC Club. Robert is a great builder and is taking the time to show how this great flying, easy to build laser cut airplane kit goes together.

Here’s what Bob has to say: Following my build last year of the Alien Aircraft Gee Bee Sport, I was ready for something with a little more performance. The new Extra 300 has the same great lightweight construction as the Gee Bee and promises to to be an awesome flyer. Here’s the latest photos.

Alien Aircraft Extra 300 Fuselage and Wing

Fuselage and wing  assembled to check fit.

Alien Aircraft Extra 300

Simple, straightforward design makes building and later covering it very easy. The slot-n-tab construction makes keeping the parts straight and properly aligned very easy. Thin and medium CA glue used throughout.

Alien Aircraft Extra 300 Parts

The plastic parts are vacuum formed ABS and they go together nicely. I used Testors plastic glue and some filler to smooth the seams before shooting on some primer.

Alien Aircraft Extra 300 Parts

After sanding the filler and primer coat smooth, the cowling looks great.

Alien Aircraft Extra 300 Parts

Starting to look like an airplane!

in my next installment I’ll show the motor and power system and servo installation and then I’ll get on with the covering! A great winter build even if you haven’t build a kit before.

Part one for the build-along starts here:


Updated: June 1, 2015 — 11:23 AM
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