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Alien Aircraft Extra 300 — Online Build-along

Alien Aircraft Extra 300 — Online Build-along


Well, just as winter is drawing to a close and the flying season is starting to sprout some spring shoots, our Online Build-along of the Alien Aircraft Extra 300 (Started on December 17 2011,) draws to a conclusion as well. Built and covered by Model Airplane News contributor Robert Labriola, this laser-cut kit builds into a really nice looking airplane anyone would be pleased to show up at the flying field with. Breaking each step into simplier sub-steps and taking it slow and steady makes any wood kit bulding project easy. And the Alien Aircraft designs are made to almost build in your hands with lock-tab alignment.


The motor used for the Extra 300 is an MPI HC2860-0890. The prop is a APC 9×3.8 and the battery is pack is a 3-cell 11.1 v Lipo with a 2100mah capacity and a 20c rating. Servos are Hitec HS-55s. The plane is set up for 5 functions, the fifth channel being for flaps and spoiler mixing. It should be a neat little flyer. Watch for our Flight Report and Review coming soon!


Not to shabby for a 2 to 3 month project using a few hours of work here and there in the evening after dinner. Who says, kit building takes forever? Not Bob! That’s for sure! Can’t wait to see this beauty take flight! Stay tuned for video and review!

For the last Part of the build-along click the link here: https://www.modelairplanenews.com/blog/2012/01/24/alien-aircraft-extra-300-build-along-part-2/

For the First Part of the Build, click here: https://www.modelairplanenews.com/blog/2011/12/17/alien-aircraft-extra-300-online-build-along/


Updated: March 14, 2012 — 4:58 PM


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  1. Nice plane but a not-so-nice covering job, lots of wrinkles!

  2. There’s always some Dumb A_ _ that thinks they can do a better job. It’s funny though, we don’t see any of his work on here showing it off to everyone else. Why is that?

  3. Garth. Really?! that’s what you took away from this posting? I think Bob did an amazing job, not only building a great looking plane but also sharing the experience with us by taking the time to stop and take photos and send us notes on the process. Have you see the amount of wrinkles that ARF planes have coming straight out of the box?

  4. Hey I really enjoyed building this plane. Thanks for the idea to build along with you. I started this back in February or March and finally finished it in June. I have posted videos to youtube of some of my flights….




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