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Alien Aircraft Extra 300 — Online build-along

Alien Aircraft Extra 300 — Online build-along


This from the workbench construction highlight by MAN contributor Robert Labriola shows how this great flying easy to build airplane kit goes together. Here’s what Bob has to say:

Following my build last year of the Alien Aircraft Gee Bee Sport, I was ready for something with a little more performance. I really liked how easily the kit went together and the gentle flight performance of the Gee Bee, so I stepped up to the new Extra 300 kit. It is a 4 Channel with aileron, rudder, throttle and elevator control and it has a wingspan of 38.3 inches. The wing area is 230.4 Sq. in. and a weight expected to be close to 23 oz., so the wing loading should be nice and light at about 14.4oz. / Sq. Ft.

The Extra 300 requires the following equipment:

  • 4-channel transmitter and receiver
  • 4 Micro Servos
  • Himax HC-2816-0890 Motor
  • 3-Cell, 1250 mAh Lipo
  • Covering material and adhesives

The Extra 300 is available as a combo package which includes the Extra 300 kit, Motor, Speed Control, Prop, Motor Mount Set, Connectors, Velcro and pushrods all for $174.99 (sale price). The basic kit alone is $85.99.

The kit includes:

  • All Laser Cut Wooden Parts
  • Tab and Notch construction for quick and accurate assembly
  • 3D Cad design for precision part fit
  • 2 Full Size Computer drawn plans
  • Quality hardware pack
  • Vacuum Formed Cowl, Wheel Pants and Canopy
  • Formed Aircraft Aluminum Landing Gear

The Complete, full color step by step instruction manual (not included in kit) is in Adobe PDF format and must be downloaded from

So let’s get started…


31,  32 are of the way it was packed and the parts. It is a well packaged kit. The manual needs to downloaded or it can be viewed on line.


33,  34 are of the fuselage build. Very straight forward, formers, stringers and very light weight.


35,  shows the fuselage completed with the rudder assembly being placed.


37, 39 show the wing construction. this was a little complicated as the wing is built upside down and the placement of the first three ribs and surrounding balsa structure need to be done carefully. This will ensure the wing fits the main spar to former f-3 correctly.


41 shows the wings attached after some sanding and fitting.


44 shows the underside of the fuselage with the landing gear in place. These slide in to pockets that are built during the fuselage construction.

So far there have been no surprises. Part 2 of the build is here:

Updated: March 14, 2012 — 5:01 PM


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  1. i need the design when from can i download the pdf of Extra 300

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