Alien Aircraft FunMaster 72 — Workshop Build-Along Part 1

Alien Aircraft FunMaster 72 — Workshop Build-Along Part 1

Designed by Tom Herr, owner/operator of Alien Aircraft, the FunMaster 72 is his newest laser-cut 6-foot span kit plane. Designed to be a multi-role RC airplane, it is great for use as a trainer, fun fly plane or a flying experimenter test bed.  MAN contributor Jerry Smith is building a FunMaster 72 for a future MAN flight report and he has sent us some from the workshop sneak peek photos to start a detailed “Build-Along” for the plane. Here’s what Jerry has to say.


Building the  Funmaster 72

The new FunMaster 72 from Alien Aircraft will be an instant hit and is targeted at the sports flyer crowd.  Its unique “Tundra” styling featuring oversize flaps and large wheels give it a look and personality rarely seen at the flying field.  But, it is so much more than that. The FunMaster 72 features a universal quick change mounting system that allows it to carry a number of accessories onboard. Whether it’s FPV, external bomb drop, GoPro video or the optional internal bomb bay, the quick mount system allows you to switch between missions at the flying field in just minutes. With its 72” wingspan the FunMaster features rugged all wood and ply construction providing a strong and rugged lightweight airframe that delivers outstanding performance.  Its quick building will provide you with hours of fun and have you flying in no time.  With its classic lines and great handling, the FunMaster 72 will turn heads at the field every time it is flown.

The FunMaster can be flown either glow or electric. Wingspan 72”; Area 864 sq/in; wing Loading 17.3 oz/sq ft; weight 6-7-1/2 lbs; Glow power .55-.60 2-cycle; .60-.70 4-cycle; electric power Himax HC-4220-770 motor, battery 4 cell,5,000 LiPo.  So now that you know something about it follow along as we put the Deluxe Electric Combo FunMaster 72 together.

Kit shown as received

Kit shown as received………….The FunMaster 72 kit as it comes to your door. A well packaged pile of laser cut wood and hardware.  The push rods shown are part of the Deluxe Electric Combo  Kit and are not included in the basic Kit. Three sets of great plans are included.

Hardware with kit

Hardware with kit……..Shown here is the hardware included with the basic kit. Hardware such as main wheels, tail wheel, wheel collars, hinges, and pushrods are not included. According to Tom Herr, owner of Alien Aircraft, these were left out to keep the price of the kit low.

Electric Combo Kit

Electric Combo Kit……….The Electric Combo Kit includes MPI’s new Himax HC-4220-770 with prop adapter and mounting hardware, Castle Phoenix Ice 50 ESC, MPI Currently Arming Switch w/Deans Ultra Plug, Velcro strips and Du-Bro Laser Rods plus the basic kit

Electric firewall and motor mount

Electric Fire wall and motor mount………..Included in the Electric Combo kit Is a different fire wall and motor mount to accommodate the Himax HC-4220-770 motor supplied in the Combo.  If you decide to use a different motor it may be necessary to change the mount to accommodate your motor.

Marking the parts

Marking the parts…………Before starting the build it is a good idea to read thru the assembly manual.  A hard copy is not included with the kit.  You must go online to Alien to bring it up.  It is beautifully done in color and very well written. I used my tablet during the build.   It is very important to mark the laser cut parts. Print out pages 5,6,7,and 8 in the manual to use as a reference and mark each part.  You will be glad you did.

Tail feathers core parts

Building the tail feathers…….Tail feathers core parts…….It is not necessary to build these parts over the plans.  Locate the laser cut parts and take out only what you need to build.  I laid them down on wax paper, on a flat surface, and glued them together with medium CA.

edge glued sheets to cover tail feathers_edited-1

Edge glue balsa sheets……..To prepare for covering the balsa cores you must edge glue several balsa sheets to sheet both sides of the parts.  Here I used  CA to do this with the sheets placed on a flat surface.

Tail feathers sheeted one side

Tail feathers sheeted one side……..I sheeted the surfaces one side at a time and then trimmed off the excess periphery of each.  It is a good idea to do this because when you cover the other side you can easily see what to trim off.


Bonding the skin on

Bonding the skin on………. I bonded the skin on using white glue and then weighted it down.  Pick out a good flat surface so as not to warp them.  Allow to cure over night.


Completed tail feathers

Completed tail feathers……. Completed tail feathers ready for sanding.  I like to use hinge pins to promote a freer moving control surface.  Building the tail first gets you motivated with an easy fast build. You can easily do it in an hour not including the cure time for the glue.  The balsa in my kit was very light……contest grade. The whole tail weighed 3oz including hinges. I was very happy with it.

 Stay tuned for more detailed building tips from Jerry’s workshop! Part 2 will be coming soon!

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  1. Nice looking kit. The apparent ease of assembly is amazing. Great to see a company who still offers airplane kits. I will definitely have one as soon as I can afford it. Made in America. Wow. Keep up the good work.

  2. I have been seeing this plane advertised in different ads and this looks like a great Sunday flyer and fun fly plane.. this building article may be just what we need to get our club interested in building a few of these. I will pass it along. looks like a real nice kit with options.. thanks for sharing..

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