Alien Aircraft Hornet Park Flyer

Alien Aircraft Hornet Park Flyer

Alien Aircraft Corp. is proud to announce the release of their new Hornet aerobatic park flyer. It’s quick building will have you at the

flying field in minimum time and its excellent handling will make you feel like a Airshow Ace from your very first flight. The Alien

Aircraft Corp. Hornet Special features a computer designed high lift airfoil that excels in both high speed maneuvering and low speed stability.

The rugged all wood construction of the Hornet provides a strong, light weight structure delivers outstanding performance. This great

model will provide hours of big airplane enjoyment on a small model budget and allows no hassle transportation to and from the flying


The specifications for this high performance park flyer are:

Hornet Park Flyer Kit # AK-107

Wingspan = 38.25” Area = 231 Sq.”

Weight = 14 oz. Wing Loading = 8.7 oz / Sq.’

Power = Himax HC-2808-1160 Motor

4 Channel R/C (mini radio reqd.)

This beautiful kit features World Class Laser Cut Parts, Tab and Notch construction for quick and accurate assembly, 3-D Cad design for

precision parts fit, Three full size computer drawn plan sheets and a Quality hardware pack. Full color, 16 page detailed construction manual

is available online. The Alien Aircraft Corp. kits are sold factory direct. Also available are complete power systems and high quality

hardware. Visit the web site at: WWW.ALIENAIRCRAFT.COM to order or for more information.


Updated: March 23, 2010 — 10:00 AM
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