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Alien Aircraft Stearman PT-17 Kit — Build-along Part 1

Alien Aircraft Stearman PT-17 Kit — Build-along Part 1

This is a new Model Airplane News Exclusive Build-Along highlighting the upcoming model airplane review to be published in MAN. Contributor Rick Bell has a long history in the RC hobby and has build countless RC kits and has published many articles, how tos and product reviews. This laser-cut airplane was designed by Tom Herr and is part of Alien Aircraft’s WW2 aircraft series of kits.


(Above) The Stearman PT-17 Deluxe Combo kit includes the Stearman PT-17 kit plus the Motor, Speed control, Prop, Motor mount set, Connectors, velcro and Pushrods.

(Below) Basic Power System Package

Basic Specs

Radio Required: 4 Channel R/C (mini radio reqd.)

Wingspan:           34 in.    

Area:                     331 Sq.in.

Weight:                  24 oz.      

Wing Load:          10.4 oz / Sq. ft.

 Power:                Himax HC-2816-0890 Motor

 Battery:               3-Cell, 1250 – 1800mAh Li-Po

Features include:

  • All Laser Cut Wooden Parts
  • Tab and Notch construction for quick and accurate assembly
  • Detailed Dummy Motor
  • 3-D Cad design for precision part fit
  • 2 Full Size Computer drawn plans
  • Quality hardware pack
  • Formed Aircraft Aluminum Landing Gear & Cabane Struts
  • Decals for Both Army and Navy Versions

(above) basic tail surfaces are made from sheet balsa. A dowel joins the elevator halves.

(Above) Formers and Firewall assembled. Installing blind-nuts in the firewall now is much easier than after the assembly is glued into place.

(Above) Fuselage sides and top deck assembled with doublers added. The Lock – Tab construction makes alignment of parts easy.

(Above) Formers and servo tray being glued to fuselage side. Everything fits precisely into place.

(Above) The fuselage tail ends joined with bottom sheeting in place. Parts fit is excellent.


(Above) Here’s the completed fuselage structure. It is nice and straight because the parts self-align.

Stay tuned, part 2 will be posted as we take more photos and assemble more parts, until next time check out the Adobe PDF instructions, they can be downloaed at: www.alienaircraft.com



Updated: June 12, 2012 — 11:26 AM


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  1. Very nice Gerry. That is such a fun model, and I assume a great flyer. Have fun!

  2. Rick is a fast and accurate builder so this series should progress quickly! Stay tuned for more to come!

  3. Cool, I can let you call this a build along, it is a kit!

  4. Looks great Gerry!

    Provides me with some good ideas for the next build along I do. It’s a challenge to build with a camera, & take all the correct pics then make notes along the way to remember what you did. It’s fun but a whole different experience. Gives me a whole new respect for folks like yourself that do it on a regular basis…awesome stuff.

  5. Hey Guys!

    This is the first model that I have “built” in a while and I’m having a great time building this kit. The parts fit has been outstanding and the instructions leave very little to figure out. I’m liking the way Tom has designed a “box” for the fuselage that is turned into its classic shape with formers and stringers, it’s a very solid structure. More to come….


  6. Really shoulda said thanks to Rick too 😉

    Thanks Rick!

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