Alien Aircraft Taylorcraft 72 — A Great First Scale Project with Video

Alien Aircraft Taylorcraft 72 — A Great First Scale Project with Video

With trainer-like stability, and a very easy to build airframe, the new sport scale Taylorcraft from Alien Aircraft is a great choice for someone wanting an easy to fly project, that can also be modified to become an excellent scale project ideal for a first time competition flyer.


Featured in the January 2014 issue of MAN, the Flight Test by Mike Greenshields of the Scale Squadron of Southern California RC club, gives all the inside scoop on this laser-cut kit designed and produced by Tom Herr owner/operator of Alien Aircraft. Check out the up-close and personal interview with Mike as he puts the 6ft. span Taylorcraft through its paces.
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Door Framing is easy to create.


The functional door gives the Taylorcraft a lot of scale appeal.


And it helps with concealing radio switches and other hardware. Of course with an opening door, you also need to add interior detailing, a pilot seat, pilot figure and an instrument panel!


Moving the elevator horn and linkage to the inside of the fuselage adds even more scale appeal.


Elevator pushrod and clevis is nicely hidden inside the tail.


With scale, it’s all in the details! Adding strips of covering material to the control surfaces adds to the surface detail and is a very easy task.


The final affect is very attractive. Also note the doubled up small size Robart Hinges. They look very convincing.


A bit of modifying brings the stock aileron shape into the wingtip section, just like the full-size plane.


Neat installation with rib tapes applied make it look very realistic.


With so many electric powered ARFs in the hobby today, it is good to see an honest to goodness glow powered airplane come onto the market. And the Cowling allows various engines types to be used.


Neat and clean overall appearance of the cowling also provides excellent engine cooling.



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  1. I think this is great. Nice looking plane and an inviting scale build Tutorial!!! Excellent outreach and invitation.

  2. I’m building the A A Taylorcraft 72 for 800-watt electric power. 4s 5000 mah and 4250 800 kV outrunner turning a 13 x 6.5 APC prop. I liked the concealed pushrods, and scale detailing of yours. I’m keeping the tail light since I’m electric, and using a foam tailwheel on a minimal 1/6 music wire with as little metal as possible. I fly off a bumpy field so 3.75″ balloon main wheels. I studied the full-scale Taylorcraft for detail ideas. I’ll be making a firewall opening for 1/3 the battery pack to extend into the cowl area to help balance the tail. The battery is 17 ounces, the motor is 6, and ESC is about 3 ounces, all up into the front as far forward as possible. I may be asking you questions when I begin, as I’m still waiting on Sig to get the plywood in, to finish and ship the kit. Does the Taylorcraft logo come as a decal, or should I make my own?

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