Ed Scott, along with his sons Nicholas and Christoper, get the credit for this unique flyer! Equipped with a Go Pro camera, FPV video transmitter and even a GPS system, this Lego quadcopter is definitely not in the “toy” category. Ed writes:

My son kept asking me to attach lego things that they made to my GAUI 330x we had lots of fun making there creations fly. One day I was on a field and crashed my GAUI, one arm was completely broken off, I went home and that night I remembered my son using, LEGO Digital Designer (LDD), so I though maybe my sons and I could make a quad and use the motors from the GAUI. If we could automate it we could make the worlds first flying LEGO Drone.

We came up with a design using LDD that had strength and we would be able to open the top to get at the wires. Then we used LEGOs Pick A Brick to order the LEGOs.. The Quad was built 100% by my boys and then I helped them glue it together together. Since we have been flying it we have had some very hard landings and a few flips, except the legs breaking off it has been superb and very very strong. I plan on changing out the legs from the “LEGO window frame” to a “2×2 brick” to give it even more strength.

Most people go to their favourite hobby store to get parts for their UAV, I go to my kids playroom.

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 3:56 PM


  1. Best of all, if it crashes you just put it back together at the field!

    Only drawback is weight but if you drilled out the sides of the bricks you could really get the weight down a lot without sacrificing the “lego-ness” of it.

    Very cool! Love how he shares the excitement with his son!

  2. I hadn’t seen the FPV goggles before this. Very cool idea.

  3. Great idea, great plane, great kids and an outstanding video, No question who these kids hero is.

  4. I was wondering if the designer has the Lego plan available for Lego designer files available, Me and my sons would be interested in loading his design in LDD for us to build. aNY info appreciated.

  5. Can u send me the LDD plan so I could build one myself and with my dad

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