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  1. Very, very nice scale model airplane!

  2. Very nice build job and good flight! Really a tight field! I guess I would celebrate like that, too, after landing in that tiny field with such a big aircraft! Good to see people having such a good time!

  3. Lots of scale details, except the B-17 had 3 bladed props!

  4. Smart man. After starting each engine, he lifts his hand up and away from the prop arc. I’ve seen too many people just pull their hands straight back. Don’t really know why so many big engine people still have all their fingers yet. Great model.

  5. Sweet! Fantastic model. Loved the take-off roll. What a sound. You’re right, the comraderie makes it all worth-while. She came in kinda hot, and an engine out, but pulled off a great landing.

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